10+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer in Points.

Nowadays computers are used in almost every field of ​​human society either it is our home, school, colleges, factories or at business work. But, at the same time, there are some important advantages and disadvantages of computers also there.

A computer is a small, powerful, helpful, and complete automated machine for humankind. Although the computer today is a great convenience for many of us and brings many advantages.

But, unfortunately, it brings not only benefits but also harms that you need to be aware of. Perhaps, suppose a person knows the information of benefits and disadvantages of a computer. In that case, they will begin to spend less time and use it only for productive work on the computer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers 

To understand whether a computer is beneficial or harmful, let’s look at the (pros or cons) that is advantages and disadvantages of computers in points. First, let see the top 7 advantages of computer.

I. Advantages of using Computer

Advantages of using computer

1. High Speed In Work

A computer is a high-speed electronic machine. It operates and processes many complex calculations and commands in microseconds or even in nanoseconds with incredible speed.

Today’s computers are no more up to a calculating device as a few years back was. Today’s generation of computers can understand and process lots of instructions in just the blink of an eye which takes significant time for humans.

We use a computer to complete the task efficiently, diligence, and total accuracy for our daily work. It saves a lot of time, energy, and overall cost to complete a specific task.

Due to the high-speed combination of both computers and the Internet, you can enjoy video streaming & listen to songs without buffering most of the time, and messaging chats and email rapidly.

Search anything on the Internet with high speed will be advantageous for you to gather a good amount of information by saving time. The high-speed connection of a computer on the Internet saves time and connects the people in society like hospitals, working centers, schools, etc.

2. Mass Knowledge

The Internet has unlimited knowledge and information about every field, and such plenty of data we can use for our studies and project by sitting in one place. It is worth typing and searching for the needed topic in the search query to get desired info.

At present, to solve problems, projects, research, homework, assignments, practicals. Whether you are a student, manager, businessman, or employee, it is sufficient to use the Internet, which is rich in various dictionaries, encyclopedias, and scientific research.

The computer allows you to get information in video format on the computer screen that is not found in any documents and books. Such information with broad education provides opportunities for everyone in all areas.

A computer with an Internet connection is an opportunity to access the latest news in almost every field. With the help of the computer, anyone can find and learn all the information from all parts of the world that are not physically accessible.

3. Storage Capability :

Computer memory has much more capacity than humans. We cannot store audio, video, image, text, etc., in our memory beyond some limit, but this data can be stored inside the computer as per our needs at any time

As you know, it is easier to search for any query on the Internet. We can also store all the important notes and media on our computer, which will save our time from visiting libraries and searching for information in books and magazines.

Many business companies take advantage of the storage capacity of computers to maintain their customers’ accounts. Similarly, many companies like banks also use to store records and manage financial exchanges. By these, customers can check all the forms of their accounts using the Internet.

All the data can store in computer storage devices like hard drives, SSD is installed inside the PC case. There are also portable storage devices available such as Pen drives, memory cards, portable SSD, etc. In addition, cloud storage like Google Drive and One Drive can also be used for storing purposes.

The data storage capacity of computers these days are has increased as compared to the previous times.

4. Communication 

The computer with the Internet helps you express your views and effortlessly in public without any problems through famous communication platforms like Quora, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

People from all over the country gather online daily, who are united by one goal – joint gossip and mutual help. You can also communicate via the Internet even when you are shy, modest, or a little introverted.

In addition, it becomes a platform for communication with their peers. Children, teenagers, or even grew people are happy to share their photos, films, or video clips on social networking sites. Here, everyone talks to each other and becomes the kind of place where we feel the community.

Online services available on computers like ‘Skype‘ or ‘Zoom‘ sites are used to communicate with colleagues, friends, family, and relatives quickly via video call.

5. Online Earning

The computer produces a large number of money-making opportunities and jobs every year. Any person with unique skills, expertise, and talents can earn money online through the computer by serving and teaching people.

Another advantage of the computer: With the Internet’s help, you can work at home without leaving your home or apartment. It is very convenient to work this way because such people do not need to be dependent; they choose their schedule, job, and work as per their need and choice.

For the last few years of digital technology, the need for computer professionals has reached a different level; every business and organization needs computer experts, professionals in their workplace. This made it easier to work to a great extent.

Digital business and marketing, Scientific and innovative research are carried out with the help of a computer across the world; the digital industry is developing many opportunities for computer-based jobs.


The trend of Work From home is also risen because of the presence of computers and the Internet these days.

6. Online Learning

Teaching is one of the most outstanding abilities of computers for learners, students, or professionals. It is a box full of knowledge and skills and high-quality educational content.

You can use many websites to learn new things on the computer through online courses, including video-sharing platforms, like youtube.com. Many professionals and experts on these platforms provide much educational practical content to their users.

Learning a foreign language can be more helpful, fun, and, most importantly, effective. Learning new languages face to face with someone on the computer through microphones and speakers is a much better alternative to language learning from a regular notebook.

online learning by using computer

The e-teacher will be able to assess the correctness of your speech through a computer!. Moreover, there are many universities, education institutes that offer free online learning courses. People are learning new languages, programming, personal development, etc., on the Internet these days.

The invention of the Internet, along with the computer, is the all-time greatest invention.

7. Saves Time and Money

Almost everyone wants to save their time and money as you in today’s era because everyone wants to do some other fun, enjoy, creative work or spend time with your family, isn’t it?. As you know, a computer is faster than humans, which saves a lot of time for us.

Calculation of expenses of your home can easily make with a computer calculator rather than spending time on analysis physically.

You can use a computer to save money on TV if you are the busiest person and need to save money. You can also watch all the entertaining shows like cartoons, feature films, and television films, listen to music on your computer. It can be online or through using an ethernet or USB cable.

Thus, the computer is not only used in work but also can be used for entertaining ourselves.

The computers have made all the online work paperless, which requires a lot of paper to work physically earlier. The important files, data, and documents are stored in electronic form. Thus, millions of trees are saved from manufacturing paper.

✴Key advantages of using Computer in Points.

  1. The computer gives the correct result and output when we are assigned the right task. Its calculation is 100% Error Free until there is ‘human error.’ The accuracy of its results is much higher than the of humans.
  2. Many large organizations, businesses, and governments have hundreds of employees working, and they need to pay bills and payslips and monitor the transactions. All this is done with a computer because it gives relevant results with accuracy and reliability.
  3. A computer is required in offices and factories areas to conduct the job efficiently.
  4. People use computers to pay bills, spend their free time watching a movie, playing games, listening to music, or chatting with friends. The computer can be used as a handy and entertainment device.
  5. Computer technologies’ goal is to automate human work, decision-making and save time. Like sending letters via email is much more reliable than regular mail, and emails reach the recipient within a few minutes.
  6. A multi-purpose computer is not very expensive for us. We can get a good computer for Rs 25000-30000 or near 500 dollars, and we can make it assemble as per our requirement.
  7. In today’s world, the computer is used as a part of every expect of ​​life.
  8. Computers like Chromebooks are very useful for school students since it is inexpensive and have sufficient power to manage all task of students.

II. Disadvantages of using Computer

It says; that it is bad for everything that is good. Similarly, along with the advantages of computers, there are disadvantages too, like two sides of a coin. Below are some of the disadvantages of computers.

Disadvantages of using computer

1. Time Consuming

Much time will be wasted in front of the computer if a person starts watching videos and playing games without stopping. One should know the harmful effects of spending too much time on the computer.

One should always use a computer to acquire knowledge with a short time for entertainment to ensure we’re not making a habit that causes us to spend our precious time.

Sitting in front of a computer for too long can forget their essential works and responsibility towards others. It also affects our social skills like communication.

2. Lack of Intelligence

The Computer does not have intelligence as much as humans have. Yes, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is developing well. But still, it follows the instructions and takes the decisions given by us.

The computers cannot make decisions on their own at certain times, which sometimes makes our work slow, only after giving the proper and correct instructions, they work. If computers get wrong or improper instructions, then the result will be wrong.

A computer is an electronic device that does not have any Feelings, Emotions towards humans. The logical mind of a computer is not able to determine right or wrong things.

Therefore, even after having the feature of autonomous. It cannot do any work independently and depends on humans for instructions to do anything.

3. Eyes Vision

People continue to use computers throughout the day, especially those who have a dependent job on the computer and the Internet.

Such continuity can lead to health problems such as poor eyesight, low energy, obesity in the body, and other diseases. Viewing the monitor screen of a computer all day weakens the eyes’ vision and hurts the backbone.

So if you are working in a job that depends on a computer, you should have to take remedial measures to take care of your eyes.

For example, whenever you use the computer, make sure that you take a break of 10 to 15 minutes at an interval of an hour and stay away from the computer for some time. Such a rest will help protect your vision.

One can also use a specific protective monitor screen or computer glasses.

4. Addiction

People with highly addicted computers can affect their sleep at night, or even afternoon can adversely affect their mind and health. Therefore, one must always know the limitations of computer use; otherwise, nothing good will come.

Computer Addiction

By spending lots of time doing useless things, one can lose his precious time and spoil his health. It is better to studying or at work instead of spending spare time on computer entertainment.

Many children from early childhood get used to the computer – they like watching cartoons, funny programs, playing computer games. It is necessary to take care of them by not making a habit of it.

5. Cyber ​​Security Problems

cyber frauds in computer

The threat of many data hacking on the computer is always hovering. Viruses, malware, stealing personal data, stealing passwords, stealing payment details, etc., can be done through cyber attacks.

Hackers can do anything with our personal or social data stored in the computers if it gets under control in their hands. They can delete or damage the data or even misuse it for any illegal purposes.

Hackers can break the security of your system and gain unauthorized access to our computer system, which can harm people financially like stealing details of people’s credit cards and bank accounts, or even socially like leaking of sensitive data from significant associations.

The things with a computer can reduce the possibility of hacking and virus attacks, such as following computer security measures and antivirus software.

Antiviruses are a type of computer program that has been developed to prevent computers against hackers from stealing passwords, PINs, and other sensitive information, with their primary goal being.

One should be used to keep their data safe, data security is a major concern as many companies provide security services against computer viruses and cyber-attacks.

6. Health Problems

If you always spend time sitting in the same position in front of the computer screen or for a long time, it hardens your muscles to begin to hurt, leading to obesity.

Such a position does not allow a good circulation of blood throughout your body. That will be a harmful effect on your body.

To avoid such troubles, you need to find time for regular training of at least an hour a day. Or you can start a couple of hours walking in a day, and such activity helps you avoid such health problems.

You also need to purchase a regular comfortable chair if you can afford to work at a computer; otherwise, you can seriously spoil your posture.

✴Key Disadvantages of Using Computer in Points.

  1. If most of the work is done by using computers or robots, this will directly reduce the need for people and create unemployment in the specific field.
  2. Some people use computers for entertainment purposes like play games, and it lasts an extended period, which has negative impacts. A much younger generation is currently spending more time and energy on the computer.
  3. Teaching computer literacy is more complicated than it seemed.
  4. The radiation and the wire cable of the internet connected with the computer can harm the different bird species. This can be a significant disadvantage of computers to our nature.
  5. Like any equipment a computer fails to work, additional financial costs will be required to replace or repair the PC failed parts.
  6. A computer needs electricity to process and work; without electricity, a computer is no more than a metal box.
  7. A computer needs to be updated from time to time. If it is not done, the computer cannot function properly, and there is a risk of catching viruses.


What are the 10 advantages of computers?

The 10 advantages of computers are 1. High speed working, 2. Automation system, 3. Accuracy Calculations, 4. Large storage capacity, 5. Source of communication, 6. Online earning 7. Online learning 8. Saves Time, 9. Paperless Work 10. Versatility.

What are the 10 Disadvantages of computers?

The 10 disadvantages of computers are 1. Lack of Intelligence 2. Dependent on humans, 3. No emotions, 4. Creates Unemployment 5. Addictive, 6. Eyes hurt, 7. Nobody movement, 8. Cybersecurity problems, 9. Electricity dependent, 10. It needs updates and upgrades.

What is the main limitation of computers?

The main limitation of the computer is that it is not yet fully automated for all humans’ work.

What is the negative effect of computers?

The negative effect of computers is for some people who use computers for entertainment purposes only like play games, and it lasts an extended period. A much younger generation is currently spending more time and energy on the internet. This can be a negative effect on their future.

What are the advantages of computers in education?

Many students educate themself by visiting many websites to learn new things on the computer through online courses, including video-sharing platforms, like youtube.com. Many professionals and experts on these platforms provide much educational practical content to their users.

What are the disadvantages of computers in society?

The computer can be addictive for the people in society. This disadvantage can affect their sleep at night or even afternoon. Such a thing can affect their health and mind. Therefore, the people in the society must always know when to stop in such a hobby; otherwise, nothing good will come of it.

What is the computer disadvantage for birds?

The radiation and the wire cable of the internet connected with the computer can harm the different bird species. This can be a significant disadvantage to nature.

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The above are the main advantages and disadvantages of computer points. It depends on the user how the computer will be advantageous or disadvantageous for themselves.

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