How to Put Password on Desktop/Laptop Windows 10 » Step by Step Guide On Password Setup.

Nowadays, In the modern world of technology, nothing is a higher priority than personal data and privacy protection. Here, I will guide how to put password on computer windows 10 for both desktop and laptop.

If you’ve just a new computer or business computer, one of the main things you should do is to secure it with a password. By doing so, you will keep your information from being in the event that it is lost or stolen.

Fortunately, Windows allows you to set passwords on system user accounts to protect your computer without installing additional software. The password will ensure the safety of your important data from children, relatives, strangers, and intruders.

By putting a password on the Windows user account, you will automatically protect the computer.

Better come up with a password right away, the harder the better. Try not to use dates or names related to you. And when you specify the password, focus on the layout and whether Caps Lock is enabled. After all, if you incidentally enter the wrong password that you wanted, then later you will not be able to access your account.

If you want to protect your data from outsiders, then you can set a password on your computer when you log into your account. In this article, I’ll show you how to set passwords on a computer windows 10 working for both desktop and laptop. Let’s get to know.

How to Put Password on Computer Windows 10 Step by Step Guide

There are several simple methods that you can carry out to set up a password. I am going to teach you the most useful and easy to set up password for a computer. And allow you to log in to the system even with a password from your Microsoft account.

It is necessary to focus on the advantages of having our PC with a password and thus preventing other people from having access to it. In this way, the personal data will be secured. Yet, it is always important that you do not misplace the password more than once as it can lock your PC.

Step 1.

For adding the password on the computer first you need to go on the “Account Settings” section on windows. There are two ways to enter here.

  1. Click on the windows start icon > then click on the “setting icon” > “Accounts section”.
  2. Or directly search for “Manage Your Account” on the search bar to reach the account setting.
Account Settings section on windows

Step 2.

After opening the user account setting click on the “sign-in options” section. (If it is not opening then connect with your email account (Gmail, Microsoft, or any account).

Step 3.

After clicking on “sign-in options” you will be able to get many to secure your desktop or laptop. Like Pin, gesture, fingerprint, password. However, these options can only be used if your computer has these tools, otherwise, the system does not allow you to assign them to protect your account.

options section

Since setting a password is the best way and available on almost all computers. So click the “Password” (Key Icon) section and then the “Add” button.

Step 4.

The next window will appear with three fields: enter the new password twice, in the first two, (in the same way, for verification). And in the third field, write down a hint for this password, make sure to place a hint that only you know and that is not directly your password, and as per your convenience so that others cannot define the password.

Password (Key Icon) section and then the Add button

Now you are able to set up a strong password to protect the computer, which restricts anyone from accessing it without a permit.

After clicking the “Next” button and select the account ( Admin or your associated account) it remains only to click on the “Finish” button. Now you have successfully added a password to your computer.

How to Put Password on computer windows 10

Step 5.

Step 5 is about the change or remove the password of your computer. Follow the same 4 above steps for changing the password but in order to remove the password, you need to remain the password space blank itself while following the above steps.

Pro Tip: Avoid terms like, “QWERTY” or “ASDFG”,“0000”, “1234”, “ABCD” or “abcd” while setting a password.

What is the strongest password on the computer?

Strangely, yet most passwords can be found quite easily and quickly by very curious people. Besides, the secret of any good password is not only its reliability but also a very significant characteristic is its easy memorability.

Regardless, if you want to protect the system with the password effectively, you should follow these effective tips and rules:

  • Use both upper and lowercase letters,
  • Add additional numbers, special symbols, and signs,
  • Do not use the information known to all such as, your name, date of birth, and place names,
  • Create passwords of at least five to six characters,
  • Try to remember all your passwords, rather than writing them down on pieces of paper.

Only a complex password can be a decent barrier to securing your data. In any case, unreasonably long passwords (characters more than 8-10) can become a problem for their user, because they may be easy to forget and difficult to recall.

Why is it important to put a password on your PC?

Without a doubt, protecting your desktop or laptop with a password is as significant as the data you need to secure. Bearing in mind that it will restrict the individuals who can approach your computer. This way your data will be protected and you will not run the risk of someone else acquiring any of your information, without your consent.

Then again, it is important to bring up the significance of a decent password, that is, to apply a password that only you know and that is easy to remember for you, all the more so for different users.

Moreover, I recommend that you take into account the above-given security tips when signing in to Windows 10, thus avoiding theft and stolen.


Finally, I hope that this article on How To Put Password On Computer Windows 10 is helped you. However, I would like to hear your opinion. Do you think Windows is a decent operating system? Have you managed to password your PC easily without any problem? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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