What is a Membrane Keyboard?, Features, Pros, and Cons, (How Does it Work?).

If you heard of a membrane keyboard but don’t have an idea, what it is, how it works, so then you are in the right place. Here, I will help you by letting know what is a membrane keyboard, and its features and the most important thing is its advantages and disadvantages that you should aware of before any purchase.

The keyboard is an integral part of the complete set of any modern computer, and the topic of buying it sooner or later arises for every active PC user. There is a wide variety of membrane keyboard and mechanical models in the market. It gets important to think about it with a clear idea before buying, either for work, study, or even playing.

Presently, not all models are made the same, that some of them are made better than others. In this article, I will help obviously with a guide on what is a membrane keyboard, features with pros and cons, and analyze the most ideal choice to choose as per your need.

What is a Membrane Keyboard?

The membrane keyboard is a silicon-based elastic device that lacks a mechanism as compared to a mechanical keyboard. Keyboards of this type are distinguished by a very low cost, high reliability, exceptional compactness, bending ability, and more resistance to dirt, moisture, and liquids than most other keyboards.

Membrane Keyboard
Membrane Keyboard

These keyboard types are created without the use of rigid elements, so they don’t emanate loud sounds during typing. You can be sure not to annoy others by clicking the keys while you work.

These keyboards have long been used in almost all kinds of computers, as the mechanism is simple to build and maintain. But this is a double-edged sword, since the membrane, in the event that it isn’t of great quality, wears out, it turns out to be more rigid until we will have enough problems to press the keys comfortably.

The main disadvantage is that they don’t have separate moving parts, Which leads to low tactile feedback which makes it much more difficult to make error-free and blind typing. Professional typists and gamers are finding it difficult to type with membrane ones while intense gaming and typing.

How Membrane Keyboard Works?

The membrane keyboard consists of three layers; two of these are thin membrane layers that contain conductive traces. The middle layer is a “spacer” that contains holes where there is a “key” that keeps the other two layers separate. Inserts made of rubber, silicone, or other material are applied to the contact pads, keycaps are put on top, which goes about as pushers.

Working of membrane keyboard

Under normal conditions, the key is “pressed“, because the current can’t cross the non-conductive space between the traces in the lower layer. Therefore, when the upper layer is pressed down, it makes contact with the lower layer. The conductive traces at the lower part of the top layer can, as of now, allow current to flow. The key is currently “released”, and the main device registers a keystroke.

In other words, membrane keyboards work by electrical contact between the keyboard surface and the underlying circuitry, when keys are pressed the activation occurs. The pressure passes through a spacer layer of holes and contacts on the lower layer.

The controller detects the character that the user has typed and sends the command to the central processor.

Features of Membrane Keyboard

  1. Membrane keyboards are flexible made with thin materials.
  2. Simpler in design and size can be average or smaller.
  3. The keyboards are almost always sealed and resistant to liquids and dirt.
  4. The keys are quiet while typing than mechanical keyboards.
  5. Membrane keyboards are used in various electronic systems from small handled devices to big computer systems.
  6. The inexpensive price due to common and conventional technology.

Pros and Cons of Membrane Keyboard

Lets’ get to know the significant advantages and disadvantages of the membrane keyboards:


  • Simpler design.
  • Membrane keyboards produce less noise even when typing at high speed than other keyboards.
  • Membranes are made of plastic, which makes them lighter than mechanical ones.
  • Smaller in size compared to a mechanical keyboard.
  • Membrane keyboards are affordable as the materials used to build them are conventional.
  • One can get a decent membrane keyboard at an inexpensive price.


  • Simpler design.
  • Membrane keyboards produce less noise even when typing at high speed than other keyboards.
  • Membranes are made of plastic, which makes them lighter than mechanical ones.
  • Smaller in size compared to a mechanical keyboard.
  • Membrane keyboards are affordable as the materials used to build them are conventional.
  • One can get a decent membrane keyboard at an inexpensive price.

Uses of Membrane Keyboard

Membrane Buttons

Membrane-based keyboards (including membrane numerical keypads) are used in various electronic systems at different places, either is “portable” or even “foldable” designs like PDAs, password keypads, calculators, and other handheld devices. Other uses like:

  • Industrial controls (keyboards on machines),
  • At business offices (keypads on printers and fax machines),
  • Telecommunications devices (dial pads on the telephone),
  • Security systems (keypads for passwords),
  • Home appliances (Keypads on micro woven).

How to Distinguish a Mechanical Keyboard from a Membrane Keyboard?

In fact, membrane keyboards are not much different from mechanical ones, even in appearance. Just by pressing at least one button, one can understand which device is in front of the user.

Mechanical keyboards “click” noisily and distinctly, because of which a tactile response is given, yet in addition a sound on. Likewise, buttons with switches work in the middle of pressing, and it makes no sense to press them all the way.

Mechanical keyboard Keys
Mechanical keyboard Keys

The situation is different with membrane devices. Firstly, they are usually quiet. Secondly, the edge for their activity is at the very bottom, in this manner, in order for the command sent to the PC to be reflected on the screen, the user needs to press the key all the way.

Keys of Membrane Keyboard
Keys of Membrane Keyboard

A few users resort to a full dismantling of the gadget to decide the type of keyboard. This is without a doubt an effective technique for deciding the key assembling technology, yet it isn’t suitable for everybody.

Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard, Which One to Choose?

In present-day realities, every kind of keyboard has its pros and cons. The keyboard is selected based on the scope of tasks that the user solves every day and his personal preference for working at a computer. So both have their audience.

Prior to deciding on a particular model, you should decide what you need the keyboard for. Since different users have different requirements for their devices.

Now, if you are an avid user who is typing stories, articles, coding, or even a quick rewriter all the time, a mechanical device would be a very good choice for you. Even gamers will benefit from being used in their games because of the speed and extra features that are required at times.

On the other hand, If you are looking for a keyboard that is inexpensive, silent, that is compact to use with a tablet or wirelessly, and also you are not looking for maximum performance, membrane keyboards are a good choice.

The best thing to do is find a place that allows you to try different types and find the one that suits your needs, as this is important to find out what works best in your fingers. Choose what works best for you.

Should I Use Membrane Keyboard, Is it better?

If you need a keyboard for work, travel a lot, and follows an ordinary family routine like watching films and social media feeds, printing reports on studies, but at the same time you do not type a huge number of characters every day, then the membrane keyboard is the ideal option for you.

You don’t need to worry about size and weight. Many individuals appreciate the flexibility of a high-quality membrane as it is enjoyable to use in video games and is very reasonable and save your money.

It is another matter if the user deals with enormous texts on a daily basis. For this situation, it is worth giving preference to the ergonomic membrane model with quiet switches and an expansion as a palm rest.

Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming?

If you often wonder which keyboard is better for gaming in between the membrane and mechanical, at that point realize that mechanical is the perfect decision for fans of online battles. With quicker actuation and key resetting, you can play as far as possible without being distracted by sticky or malfunctioning keys.

Many users will find it more comfortable and less tiring to use a membrane keyboard to play inconsistently on their computer and type rather little. It is normal, that, for this situation, you do not opt ​​for a mechanical keyboard, it would not make sense to pay the extra cash to use it only once in a while.

The special mechanical gaming keyboards are produced especially for professional and heavy gamers with additional multifunctional buttons, decent durability, speed, backlighting, and replaceable keycaps. Not only for gamers but also for typists and programmers, a mechanical keyboard would be a very good choice.

Mechanical Keyboards for Gamers

Obviously, this membrane keyboard is the most inappropriate design for a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards must have high strength, durability, convenience, responsiveness, and tactility with customizable options. you can peruse the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mechanical Keyboard over Membrane ones to know more.


I hope you got the answer to “what is mechanical keyboard?”, how it works? and its pros and cons and other important stuff. After all, the choice of a keyboard should always be given special attention, since it is one of the most important components of any computer system.

Simultaneously, in order to purchase the perfect accessory, you don’t need to be an expert and know all the subtleties of the peripherals. It is sufficient to focus on your own feelings when pressing the keys, the cost, and some technical characteristics.


What is the significant advantage of membrane keyboards?

I can say that the price is the most significant advantage that membrane keyboards present over mechanical keyboards. Obviously, they are less expensive to produce, even those with the best layers, for example, Mac keyboards or some very good MSI ones. That is the reason they will quite often cost less.

Can membrane keyboards be repaired?

Since membrane keypads can’t be repaired or spare parts available, it follows the logic that they are not intended to last. Membrane keyboards are frequently produced using the least expensive materials and with the most reduced quality control standards. Of course, they can last a long time, and they probably will if you are careful with them.

What is a dome keyboard?

The Dome switch keyboard uses a dome with letters printed on top, sometimes printed or laser stretched. This type of keyboard uses rubber or silicone domed keys as the upper membrane layer. At the point when the domes are pushed down, they collapse, and the graphite under the dome completes the circuit under the membrane panel, in this way sending the keystroke signal.

Which has more lifespan membrane or mechanical keyboard?

Although the life span of millions of keystrokes lasts for years, the membrane wears out quicker than the mechanical membrane. At the point when the membrane wears out, it starts to soften, causing the characters to lose input.

How many clicks does a membrane keyboard have?

Most of the membrane keyboards are designed for 1 million clicks, however, the use of modern materials can significantly expand the operating time up to 10 million clicks.

What is the significant disadvantage of the mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical uses more costly materials and technologies, so you should go through more money than expected to obtain a membrane. Also, weight and size can be an issue for individuals who move their keyboards when travelling or moving from different locations. The volume of the sound depends on the switches used, as they can be loud.

What is a mecha-membrane keyboard?

The mecha membrane keyboard is a new line of gaming keyboards created by the Razer. This hybrid design is a combination of rubber membrane dome design features with mechanical keyboard technology. To provide greater comfort, soft cushioned touch and a crisp tactile click with every press and efficient typing experience, and all other features without losing speed.

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