What Is the Red Light On The Bottom Of The Mouse?

Generally, while operating a computer mouse. Most of the time you have a question on mind ‘What is the red light on the bottom of the mouse?’ Although it is not for beauty, in fact, it helps the mouse to work properly.

The mouse is mainly used to select different computer screen items like to write, read, open, and close them. Various mouse models have additional features and connectivity, but almost all models have minimum two buttons, a scroll wheel and a light on the bottom of the mouse.

In this post, you will know the answer to questions like “what is the glowing red light in the mouse” or “function of red light inside the mouse.” So let’s uncover it.

What is the red light on the bottom of the mouse?

Red light on the bottom of the mouse

The optical or laser mouse usually shines red on the surface where it is located. And why only red? … After all, there are so many different colors available!

Why Exactly Red?

I also thought about it and even started looking on the Internet, but I could not find an answer. Having studied a few different sources, I found the concept for the reason; ‘why it is red and why the mouse glows red light’.

The red light is used to locate the mouse pointer because red is most capable of reflecting a surface in any ambient light – that’s the main reason. There is also an opinion that the red color cannot strongly “light up” the photocell.

Red light inside the mouse

For example: when we used to print photographs, we used a red lamp to develop the film, thereby minimizing the risk of flare. Therefore, the mouse works well on any surfaces except fluffy ones.

The red light cannot be removed. If removed, then it wouldn’t work correctly. The sensor will not be able to track the position of the mouse without light. By the way, the bright green color also reflects the light most accurately. But mice with blue lights tend to be expensive. Now, let’s know its principle.

The principle follows: When the red LED is on, then the photocell “catches” the reflection. The higher the dots per inch (dpi characteristic) in the photocell and the better the LED, the more accurately the mouse will transmit coordinates to the computer.

This is how you see different cursor shapes like arrow, hand & I beam cursor moves accurately on the screen.

Function of Red light Inside the Mouse

A light-emitting diode inside the optical mouse illuminates the bottom surface of the optical mouse. After that, a part of the light reflected passes through a set of optical lenses and then transmits to a light-sensing device (micro image) for imaging.

In this way, when the optical mouse moves, its moving trajectory records a set of high-speed and well-organized images, analyzed and processed by a dedicated image analysis chip (DSP, or digital microprocessor) inside the optical mouse.

The chip analyzes the changes in the position on these images to determine the direction and distance of the mouse movement, thereby completing the cursor positioning.


Why is my mouse light red?

The main purpose of the red light on the bottom of the mouse is to make the mouse move accurately as per the user the moves cursor on the computer screen, It transmits coordinates to the computer.

The optical mouse has a blue light under it right or wrong?

An optical mouse uses a light on the bottom, typically a red LED not blue at all. Because Red is most capable of reflecting a surface in any ambient light to detect movement of the user relative to a surface. It is a cheaper and suitable color for a mouse. But mice with blue lights tend to be expensive.

Is a mouse input or output device?

The mouse is one of the input devices of the computer. This is a pointing device that is used to interact with the PC. The mouse is mainly used to select different items on the computer screen like to write, read, open, and close them. By using a mouse, the user instructs the computer to do something.

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