Mechanical Vs Membrane keyboard, What’s a Difference, Which One is Best for You?

Mechanical vs Membrane KeyboardWe are often faced with the controversy about which keyboard is the better keyboard: a membrane (conventional) or mechanical.

The question of choosing a suitable keyboard is an acute issue for every computer/PC user. In the modern market, there is a different keyboard of various models, from low budget membranes to expensive mechanical ones.

In fact, both membrane and mechanical are great for everyday tasks but have their own pros, features, and cons. Let’s get to figure out the difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards, and to get to know which keyboard is best for you.

Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard

In this article, I would like to analyze which keyboard is best suited to your computer- a mechanic or a membrane keyboard. First, let’s know, What are Membrane and Mechanical keyboards.

Membrane Keyboard – What is It?

Membrane Keyboard

A membrane keyboard is the most common keyboard made with a rubber membrane. This rubber-like Membrane protects the keyboard from dirt which protects it from dirt.

This keyboard can be wireless and is best to buy for people with a low budget. Such conventional keyboards are cheap, but the durability, efficiency, and reliability are less than the mechanical keyboard.

The membrane keyboard is not an ergonomic keyboard that doesn’t take care of your hand posture while typing, it will give you pain if you use such a keyboard throughout the day for typing. It is usually made for the common computer user.

Mechanical Keyboard – What is It?

Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are one of the important keyboards. They are expensive and a little different from others. Even if you are not a keyboard enthusiast, you may probably hear the use and benefits of mechanical keyboards.

The mechanical keyboards are known for their first is responsiveness, and the second is durability relative to a membrane keyboard. But, unfortunately, these keyboards produce more noise during use, however, certain key switches are quieter than others.

Mechanical keyboards are different from ergonomic and membrane keyboard, It is specially made for gamers and professional typists who need ultra-speed, and smooth keys.

Difference between Mechanical and Membrane Keyboard (in Points)

Let’s know the 5 factors that determine which keyboard will be suited for your needs and the difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards:-

1. Convenience

The convenience of any product is important to users. The weight, ease of cleaning, and customization is a starting point of convenience and reliability for the user.

The membrane keyboard is much lighter in weight as compared to a mechanical one. It will be easy for you to take this keyboard and move it around the workspace. But it is difficult to clean and has lacked protection against liquid like water if it is spilled in it.

In contrast, the mechanical keyboards have the resistance of liquid like water and cold drinks. And yes, the mechanical ones are a little heavy in weight and a bit large in size that takes a little space on the table.

Also, If we talk about dirt on the keys, then you can disassemble the keyboard completely, which is easy. It is enough to remove the caps and we will get access to the keyboard mechanism. The presence of easily removable caps is another convenience to the user.

You can replace or attach additional keys as per your liking this creates a truly customizable device to your desktop or a look at surroundings. For Gamers, you can often find replaceable caps that are included in the separate kits.

In the case of a membrane keyboard, we are deprived of such a privilege.

2. Tactile Feedback

Look, whether it’s an amateur, gamer, professional, or office worker, keyboard responsiveness is important. In the case of a mechanical keyboard, the keys are much responsive, which makes feel you greater and effective speed on each press than the membrane keyboards.

While typing, your fingers will appreciate the pleasure from its smoothness and softness, you do not require much pressure to press a key. In fact, The button is triggered by half the stroke of the button, you will clearly feel the click and the corresponding sound.

As a result, it will save a lot of time when typing large amounts of text you will not lead to severe pain and fatigue as well. That’s why these keyboards appreciated and continued to be used by Esport Gamers and professionals typists.

YouTube video

On the other hand, Tactile feedback is the weak point of membrane keyboards. Such keyboards cannot handle pressing more than three buttons simultaneously. Your effort is required here to press a key than a mechanical one.

This is due to the membrane structure of the keyboard. You may often notice when typing quickly the “clicks simultaneously” occur and the keypress is not operating. In this case, you are not able to type fast, this disadvantage can lead you to defeat often in competitive gaming.

3. Noise

The main problem with mechanical keyboards is their noise while typing, this issue can be decisive for the buyer. However, Manufacturers often invent a variety of noise-reduced mechanical switches, but it is very difficult to get close to the silence of membrane keyboards.

In contrast, membranes are good at silent keyboards characterized by low noise levels. They are made with soft material and rubber membrane, thus most of the noise is absorbed, and coupled with the low key travel, then you can have almost the standard silence.

The membrane keyboard doesn’t have an inbuilt shock absorber made of switches and springs as a mechanical keyboard has that leads to louder noise.

So if noise bothers you, and you need a silent keyboard for typing without disturbing others, then a mechanical keyboard is certainly not for you.

4. Durability

Most of the time the mechanical keyboard is known for its durability. It is much stronger than the membrane keyboard due to the metal in the construction. If you clean them and monitor the condition regularly, it will serve for many years or even decades.

The membrane keyboard loses its speed, efficiency, and original state over time. If you use it every day with high-volume printing then the rubber will wear out over time. The keystroke of the keyboard becomes less pronounced, which in turn leads to poor tactile feedback.

If we compare both keyboards in the terms of the number of keystrokes. Then for a membrane keyboard, it can handle about 5-10 million clicks, and for a mechanical keyboard is up to 50 million or even some switches can reach 50-100 million clicks.

It is no secret that real high-quality gaming keyboards are always mechanical ones. The famous WASD keys for the gamers stay in the same condition and don’t change the tactile feedback from day one. Thus, inbuilt materials are much more durable in contrast to membrane ones.

Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

5. Cost

Another obvious advantage of the membrane keyboard, in addition to its silent operation, is the price. Due to their simplicity and low cost of production, membrane keyboards are the most common and popular keyboard for the computer user.

In contrast, the Mechanical keyboard costs more, and some models are much expensive and incomprehensible for the average buyer. But in return, we get a more reliable product that allows you to comfortably work with text and play games.

Mechanical keyboards are not cheap due to switches, much more practical design development, and inbuilt quality materials. If you are an average user and work with computers less often in a week then, you don’t need to buy a mechanical one.

Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane – Key Differences


Mechanical keyboard

Membrane keyboard

1. Reliability



2. Durability



3. Weight

From 500-600 g

Approximately 100-200 g

4. Key Sound



5. No. of Keystrokes

10 – 50 Million Clicks

5 – 1o Million Clicks

6Response Time

Fast Response Time

Average Response Time

7. Customization

Personal customization

No Additional Customization

8RBG Backlight



9. Cleaning and Repairing

It is enough to remove the keycaps

Requires full parsing 

10. Price


Inexpensive/ Cheap

Which One is for You?

As you can see, as comparing the mechanical vs membrane keyboard, both keyboards have their pros and cons, and each keyboard meets the different needs of many users. Not one keyboard is made for everyone. Let’s figure out what is your need.

Membrane Keyboard – If you’re with a budget and don’t care about the mechanism and how the keyboard works, want to use with something as simple as a tablet, work and talk a lot for work, travel a lot, etc., then a quiet membrane keyboard will be enough or I can say great for you since you do not have to worry about the size and weight of the keyboard.

The membrane keyboard is silent and inexpensive, perfect for office managers or home use. If you take care well, then even the keyboards of non-top brands will serve you for several years without problems.

Unprofessional gamers, amateurs, or students will benefit from the flexibility of a high-quality membrane keyboard. Both wired or wireless can be used for writing assignments or games and is very accessible.

Mechanical keyboard – If you are a typist or your work is related to typing or you are a heavy user who uses a keyboard all the time for typing a story, articles, coding, etc, then it would be a great choice for you to have a mechanical keyboard.

This keyboard is ideal for professional Gamers and typists. The design of the mechanical keyboard will reduce the strain on the hands as well as the beneficial effect on typing speed. In addition, the durability and reliability will serve you for many years.

Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Gamers often prefer a mechanical keyboard over a common keyboard due to the keystroke, speed, accuracy, personal keys customization, precise, by using such a keyboard, means that the opponents will not have a chance to defeat you.

If you are a professional typist, journalist, and Esport or Professional Gamer then a mechanical keyboard will be a great choice for you. After all, it makes sense to overpay (compared to buying a membrane one) – you will receive a higher resource as well as a completely different level of comfort.

What keyboard do you use? Tell us in the comments, and also you can ask if you have any questions. It will be very interesting to read. You can share this article Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard on social networks.

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