Is Dual Core Processor Good in 2023? (For Gaming or Not)?

Most modern CPUs come with at least two (dual-core) and four cores (quad-core), while others are six and now even eight-core processors. And still, many users get dual-core processors because it’s much cheaper than a quad-core processor. But, Is Dual Core Processor Good?

If you’re building a budget PC, either a gaming PC, or even just trying to save money, one way to do that is by choosing a dual-core processor, and you’re wondering if a dual-core processor is good for gaming.

Given this scenario, the key question is the dual core processor still good in 2022 to fulfill your needs? and in what situations could it be useful for you? Know what you can expect from a dual-core processor in this article.

Is Dual Core Processor Good? Let’s Find Out.

How Dual Core CPU’s Are?

Dual core CPU

As its name suggests, Dual-Core has two different processors that work together on the same integrated circuit. Thus, a dual-core CPU contains two complete processing cores to perform two simultaneous operations.

Each core of the dual-core processor has its own cache; both cores can handle most tasks simultaneously. The purpose of introducing two cores is to improve performance without generating more heat since both cores in the dual-core processor use the same amount of power.

Many laptops at the cheaper end of the price range will be equipped with a Dual Core processor. And that doesn’t mean your laptop is inferior because it doesn’t have a quad-core chip. Many users are pleased to work with dual-core processors for everyday computing tasks either a laptop, or chromebook.

Where do they stand out? (Performance)

Dual-Core processors have been around for a while and continue to perform well for less demanding computer tasks; it works pretty nicely for everyday simple and office functions or as a student routine.

Most users have no problem with a dual-core chip, reporting good performance and clock speeds to handle most tasks with speed and efficiency, and the laptop will run smoothly.

A dual-core processor can deliver performance for basic use, so you can’t expect usability in games, as these processors can’t handle decent gaming performance. They can even run some not-so-heavy titles, but the experience won’t be satisfying.

In addition, these two core CPU chips require less power than a quad-core processor in the case of a laptop, and your laptop’s battery should last longer than it would with a quad-core chip.

Price Factor

Dual-core processors are usually affordable than quad-core ones, which is one reason why they fit into budget digital computers. Low cost doesn’t always mean lower quality, and Intel and AMD dual-core processors have a good track record for outstanding performance.

Also, It does not necessarily imply that more cores equate to a higher price; There are many other factors, and clock speed, architecture are some of the important factors that play a significant role in the price of a processor.

You can go with dual-core CPUs if you don’t need two cores.


Both Intel and AMD continue developing and updating their Dual-Core processors, and they will need them for the foreseeable future. Because so many of these chips are being used, they need to be updated from time to time.

As Quad-Core becomes the norm, Dual Core processors may seem to be fade out and be no longer used. Yet, because there is still a demand for budget computers, this is probably several years away.

Can dual-processor outperform quad-core processor?

Quad-core processors are known to provide smoother performance and are more powerful when it comes to managing CPU-intensive tasks than dual-core processor as it has more cores.

Still, the increase in the number of cores does not necessarily always guarantee an increase in the overall speed and performance of the device, as other factors and components also have to be considered. Even if you have the right kind of software and hardware, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a quad-core processor is faster than a dual-core processor.

When to choose a Laptop/Desktop with Dual Core CPU?

Let’s look at the situation that decides the dual-core processor will be good enough:

  • low needs,
  • need for everyday tasks like surfing the web, checking your email, or listening to music,
  • most applications are stable,
  • games are not a top priority,
  • low cost of assemblies,

Many simple tasks don’t need a quad-core chip’s speed or power. If you are on a tight budget, you should consider a laptop with a dual-core processor once your needs are minimal. You’ll save a significant amount of money by not paying for the 2 extra cores that you may not even need.

Bottom Line: Is A Dual Core Gaming Processor Worth It?

The dual-core processor is good and worth specifically for people who need low-power and inexpensive computers to perform basic tasks such as checking emails, browsing the Internet, etc.

A dual-core processor is also suitable for computers at schools and people of a more basic profile who routinely include functions performed in the Office suite programs. Processors with two cores can be a good option within this cut due to the more affordable price.

FAQs about Dual Core Processors

Is a dual-core processor good enough?

In general, a dual-core processor is good enough for day-to-day tasks, including web browsing and checking email. Only when editing video, rendering 3D materials, and decent gaming, you really need more than a dual-core processor that is quad and six-core processor.

Is a dual-core processor suitable for gaming?

Modern dual-core processors can bottleneck your graphics card and slow down your gaming performance. In fact, Getting more is advisable such as four, six, and eight-core if what you are using is gaming on your PC or laptop for video conferencing. Games rely heavily on graphics to look visually pleasing, and a multi-core processor makes that easy.

What are some of the best Dual Core Processors?

Some of the best dual-core processors in the market are Intel Pentium Gold G6605, Intel Core i3-7100E, and AMD A6-7480.

Is a dual-core processor suitable for Windows 10 64 bit?

Yes, a dual-core processor is compatible with Windows 10. But, it won’t run if your system primary memory RAM is below 2 GB. Make sure you upgrade RAM at least 4 GB to run Windows 10 64-bit smoothly. If you want to run a 32-bit version of Windows 10, 2 GB of RAM will be enough.

Is dual-core better than i5?

For the most part, you will get better processor performance from Core i5 components compared to Dual Core i3 processors. Some Core i5 processors are dual-core, and some are quad-core. In most cases, an actual quad-core processor will perform better than a dual-core processor, especially when performing multimedia tasks such as video transcoding or photo editing.

Are dual-core processors suitable for video and audio editing?

For professional editors who edit many audio and video files, a minimum quad-core is recommended, which is a better choice than a dual-core processor, as most video and audio editing software takes advantage of multi-threaded processing.

Well you have reached the end of this article hopefully you got how dual core processor is for the computer. In line with “Is Dual-Core Processor Good?”, be sure to take a look at this new similar article on Celeron CPU. I talk about the is the Intel’s celeron CPU worth it or not.

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