Top 7 Dust Free Cases For » [Mini, Micro, Mid & Full Tower].

Are you looking for a dust free PC case with dust filters? Then you are in the right place. Here you will discover the best dustproof PC cabinet. Isn’t it interesting that your mini, mid-sized, or even full PC tower helps you exceptionally drive operations by eliminating all the dust?

So, hit your game zone with exactly perfect PC cases (I have reviewed below) to keep your technology dust-free from dusty environments around you.

Dust Free PC Cases

Before jumping to the best dust-free PC cases, you should first know how to choose the best PC cabinets for filtering the dust.

Four Things to Tick-Up When Buying a Dust Free PC Case

1. Size of Case

Considering PC case saves you from multiple complications in the future when choosing a PC case. Those first-time builders and computer users whose work is just limited under confined setup, mini, micro, and mid-sized cases would go perfectly.

It doesn’t matter that they are small in size and can’t handle dusty environments with effective performance as a whole as good as your components like motherboard, GPU, spaces for storage devices HDD and SSD, and others fit perfectly in the given dimension.

In an actual observation, each size holds compensatory components required to stay filtered and cooled while using the system.

Similarly, gamers have specificity to search big towers as their capacity to stay activated on the system is more than average computer users. Mid and Full towers retain better interaction with the environment and provide more rooms for mounting.

2. Cooling Means

Your case must have a sufficiently good airflow interior. Whether you are looking for air cooling or liquid, the PC chassis must support reasonable fans or radiators that can compensate for your environment’s dustiness.

At the deepest section, you’d search PC chassis that involve an individual exhaust fan entirely. This isn’t dangerous if the setup interiorly isn’t addicted to developing a high temperature.

As your setup turns powerful, the quantity of temperature developed increases, and you’ll surely require qualified cooling specifications. Your purpose should be to build a stable air passage inside the frame, suggesting that the number of integrated fans should compete with your exhaust.

The advanced technical analysis defines that there should be stability in the flux of the air running interiorly and expelling out of the case. If you think of having the liquid cooling technique, you must ensure that all four directions have adequate holes for the radiator to rise.

3. Filtration Support

Firstly, you wouldn’t weigh dust filters to come that much significant. However, if you infrequently refine your setup, suppose, after six months, you’ll be constrained to a major difficulty ahead.

Based on where the coolers are located, the saturation of dirt interiorly or on the slits will bother. Appropriate adjustment of dust filters will solve an unimagined challenge of ceasing dust from landing and accumulating inside.

This explains you’d rarely have to switch your head around removing all the filth collected on the deepest of the chassis. You must investigate whether the rare back and head section of the panel holds a dust filter. In the opposite case, you should acknowledge integrating your dust filters and fixing them on your PC frame.

4. Cable Management and Routing

We are considering cable management lastly since it’s an uncertain requirement. However, there are situations when inadequate cable management can grow the circumstances of limited cooling production for the PC cabinets.

Without required patterns on the motherboard tray, you’d need to fill in the heavy cables from the cramped patterns or immediately join them without routing after the base.

Before purchasing a PC chassis, you must confirm whether there are plenty of cutouts and cable link features on the motherboard tray to attach all your elements conveniently or not.

So, now let’s uncover the top 7 dust filter cabinet of all sizes from micro, mid, to full-size towers.

Dust Free PC Cases for Micro & Mini Towers

1. Cooler Master | MasterBox Q300L Micro-ATX Tower

If your PC demands a better outer shell for Advanced Technology EXtended or ATX-motherboard, PSU, with maximum space to set I/O panels, check out MasterBox Q300L Micro-ATX Tower, which comes fulfilling all these roles. You can expect more from MasterBox Q300L Micro-ATX for your micro tower PC cabinet.

Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L Micro-ATX Tower with Magnetic Design Dust Filter


  • Form Factor – Mini Tower
  • Materials – Steel Body – Plastic Mesh
  • Dimensions[LxWxH] – 387 x 230 x 381mm
  • Motherboard Support – Mini ITX, Micro ATX
  • Dust Filters – Top, Front, Bottom fans
  • Pre-Installed Fans – Rear: 1x 120mm
  • Fan Support – Front: 2x 120/140mm, Rear: 1x 120mm, Top: 2x 120mm
  • Radiator Support – Front: 120/140mm, Rear: 120mm
  • Expansion Slots – 4
  • Drive Bays – 3.5″-1, 2.5″-2
  • Max. CPU Cooler Height –157mm
  • Max. GPU Length – 360mm
  • Max. PSU Length – 160mm
  • Weight – 3.7kg / 8.1lbs
Adjustable I/O Panel

The back-slit I/O panel designed for this micro tower PC case has more than six locations to adjust. This way, it supports multiple plug peripherals to connect more flexibly and work in a streamlined format. It also provides space for an ATX 3.0 PSU, not commonly available in other tower types. 

Acrylic Side Panels

The sides are mainly made of transparent acrylic material, which seems like ordinary plastic but has more defending ability for real PC inside the case. The acrylic body makes it more durable and firmer to place under depressions without getting any catastrophe from both sides. 

Room for Expansion Cards

Inside there is ample room for four expansion cards; allowable length of a discrete graphics accelerator – 360 mm. The computer can be equipped with two 2.5-inch drives and one 3.5-inch storage device.

Liquid Cooling System

The use of an air or liquid cooling system is allowed. In the second case, the installation of 120 and 240 mm radiators is possible. The height of the processor cooler must not exceed 159 mm.

Magnetic Dust Filtration

The interior front has magnetic filtration capacity to pass through heavy air with minimal dust particles entering air fluxes the system. It relieves internal temperature too if the system runs for so long. 

Pros and Cons


  • Cool and attractive design.
  • Ability to keep PC safe with transparent acrylic side panels,
  • Magnetic filtration with heavy air clearance,
  • Dust filters on the front, top, and bottom,
  • Compact, and lightweight,
  • Ample room for long graphics cards and power supplies, as well as moderate height tower coolers,
  • Can lay vertically or horizontally,
  • Plenty of room in the back for cables,
  • Excellent value for money.


  • No tempered glass sides,
  • Only one fan included,
  • No instructions for the RGB controller.
MasterBox Q300L Micro-ATX,

Sufficiently compact mini-tower case with the immodest potential for building a productive and powerful computer.
Being the only one among hundreds of micro pc cases, MasterBox Q300L Micro-ATX explains each detail of an advanced tower that can be purchased under the most reasonable budget.

dust free pc case

2. Fractal Design Meshify C Mini-Compact Tower

By taking all big PC cases aside, among small and easily manageable PC case towers, Fractal Design Meshify C Mini has a greater altitude of specifications. It overall provides interconnected support for PC components which everyone can prefer while choosing the best dust free mini-PC case.

Fractal Design Meshify C Mini -Compact Mini Tower Computer Case


  • Form Factor – Mid Tower
  • Materials – Steel & Plastic
  • Dimensions[LxWxH] – 409 x 217 x 412mm
  • Motherboard Support – Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Dust Filters – Front, Top, Bottom
  • Pre-Installed Fans – Front: 1x 120mm, Rear: 1x 120mm
  • Fan Support – Front: 120/240 mm, 140/280 mm, Rear: 120 mm, Top: 120/240 mm, Bottom: 1x 120 mm
  • Radiator Support – Front: 360, 280, 240, 140 or 120mm, Rear: 120 or 140mm, Top: 120/240mm
  • Expansion Slots – 5
  • Drive Bays – 3.5″/2.5″-2, 2.5″-3
  • Max. CPU Cooler Height –172mm
  • Max. GPU Length – 315 mm
  • Max. PSU Length – 175mm
  • Weight – 7.4kg / 16.3lbs
Effective Air-flow Model

The front of Meshify Mini-Compact Tower seems like diamond facets that increase surface area for air fluxes and filter more air to retain PC cool internally. This cooling efficiency for maintaining the system’s performance.

Top Panel with Dust Filter

The dustproof filter occupies most of the top panel with a simple design. It covers the entire ventilation hole and plays a role in preventing the invasion of dust and the like.

A magnet is used for fixing. The sheet-shaped magnet attached to the edge of the mesh filter adheres to the steel top panel. It is highly convenient because it can be maintained without tools, and there are many examples of its adoption.

Larger Tower Compatibility

Since the size is mini, this PC case shows less volume for covering maximum figures of PC. But the compact sheet of tempered glass makes it equally firm to protect internal fragments as bigger towers do and provide an aesthetic look from the outside.

Cable Management

The design is very convenient in the sense that all unnecessary cables can be easily hidden in the unused space of the power supply bay. The holes on the top allow you to neatly plug in the additional 12V power connector on the motherboard, while the holes on the bottom allow you to connect the front panel cables neatly.

All connectors and mounting holes are precision machined. The thread is not satisfactory. In general, the assembly went without any inconvenience.

Noise-free Cooling System

You will be shocked that seven total fans are located on the top base of the front slit, and 2 Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 fans are also fixed, making air filtration and cooling in the system noise-free. Also, the PC can stay 100,000 hours alive with minimal temperature saturation inside.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact and made of tempered glass,
  • Quality build,
  • Plenty of places for fans,
  • The front mesh panel allows for excellent airflow,
  • Front, top, and bottom fan filters,
  • Support ATX and have 3 USB ports,
  • Cable management is decent,
  • Plenty of options for liquid cooling.


  • Doesn’t support 10.6”-deep “Enthusiast” oversized motherboards,
  • Power supply space is restricted by drive cages,
  • The front air filter is tricky to clean.
Fractal Design Meshify C Mini

Meshify C Mini is an elegant and practical case. Numerous seats for fans and radiators allow you to implement any scheme for the direction of air masses, and easily removable filters will not allow the insides to become dusty.
Within a mini structure, this case supports 2x USB rooms, drive bays, and cooling + filtration excellence that can effectively advance your small computer setup.
If you are planning to build a PC based on a micro-ATX or mini-ATX motherboard, the new Fractal Design case is definitely worth looking into, as it will look neater in it than in a case-focused on full-size ATX models.

dust free pc case

Dust Free PC Cases for Mid Towers

3. Fractal Design Define R5 | Mid Tower Silent Computer Case

Your efforts to find a completely compact and professionally designed PC case have an end with Fractal Design Define R5. This case explicitly possesses an Aluminium tight body that reduces heat saturation extra efficiently instead of a heating system. It overall provides high usability and four-dimensional cooling.

Fractal Design Define R5 - Mid Tower Dust Free Computer Case


  • Form Factor – Mid Tower
  • Materials – Steel & Plastic
  • Dimensions[LxWxH] – 531 x 232 x 462mm
  • Motherboard Support – ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
  • Dust Filters – Front, Rear, Bottom
  • Pre-Installed Fans – Front: 1x 140mm, Rear: 1x 140mm
  • Fan Support – Front: 2x 120/140mm, Rear: 1x 120/140mm, Top: 3x 120/140 mm, Bottom: 2x 120/140 mm
  • Radiator Support – Front: 360, 280, 240, 140 or 120mm, Rear: 120 or 140mm, Top: 420, 360, 280, 240, 140 or 120 mm, Bottom: 120 or 240 mm
  • Expansion Slots – 7
  • Drive Bays – 3.5″/2.5″-8, 2.5″-2, 5.25-2.
  • Max. CPU Cooler Height –180mm
  • Max. GPU Length – 310 mm with the top HDD cage installed or 440 mm with the top cage removed
  • Max. PSU Length – 190/170 mm with a bottom 120/140 mm fan installed or 300 mm when not using any bottom fan location
  • Weight – 12.5kg / 27.5lbs
Wide Space Inside

The R5 case is not too tall (even slightly lower than the R4), but it is wide enough – this allows you to install high tower CPU coolers in it and leaves room for wires behind the motherboard tray. And the rather great depth allows installation inside the longest video cards.

High Filtration

The front slide has 2x 120/140 mm fans with back has 1x 120/140 mm fans located to provide ultrafiltration of air. Other fans are integrated from sides, providing a compensatory cooling effect with un-noted damage to body material.

Also, the entire bottom panel is covered with a dust filter. It is held in a special plastic slide, which is easy to get into even by touch. The lower dust filter is as good as the front one. It covers the entire bottom of the case, including the ventilation holes of the power supply.

Anti-Noise Composition

Unlike plastic and other material used for composing PC cases, Fractal Design Define R5 has noise absorption material. It ultimately works with fan controllers, maintains air filtration’s high functionality, and achieves temperature equilibrium.

Integrated Fan/LED Controller

Its interior has preinstalled fan and led controllers that provide temperature measurements through changing lights and keeping the temperature balance. Three fans are connected to control at a time. However, additional controllers can be integrated as well.


  • Simple & Minimalist Design,
  • Sturdy Build Quality,
  • Impressive sound deadening,
  • Nine fan positions (i.e. you can add seven fans),
  • Great Water Cooling Support,
  • Easy To Clean Removable Dust Filters; Front and bottom,
  • Extra Room Behind The Motherboard Tray,
  • Easy cable management,
  • Excellent manual,
  • Competitive pricing.


  • Quite Heavy For A Mid-Tower Case.
  • The two cable routing holes at the top of the motherboard tray need to be slightly larger.
  • Not the best use of space on the floor of the chassis when it comes to HDD-cage mounting.
  • Air vents covers could be more modular.
Fractal Design Define R5

The Define R5 is a truly remarkable chassis that combines new design techniques with an old-school engineering approach. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Solid appearance, convenient system for removing and cleaning dust filters.
This product fulfils a PC case’s professional requirements and comes with all possible features to support 100% efficiency in dusty and high-temperature settings.

dust free pc case

4. Fractal Design Meshify C | Compact Mid Tower Computer Case

Fractal Design is already famous due to its unique and pocket-friendly PC cases of every size. But the recent Meshify C Compact Mid Tower has shocked the industry with its extra package of services, coming at the same (minimal) price.

Since the product is not completely covered with a compact steel frame, smashed edges are added, which provide it an entirely updated look. Along with it, multiple other features and advanced water-cooling specifications are also installed, making it an appreciated choice under $100 or less. 

Fractal Design Meshify C - Compact Mid Tower Dust Free Computer Case


  • Form Factor – Mid Tower
  • Materials – Steel Tempered glass
  • Dimensions[LxWxH] – 395 x 212 x 440mm
  • Motherboard Support – ATX, mATX, ITX
  • Dust Filters – Front, Top, Bottom
  • Pre-Installed Fans – Front: 1x 120mm, Rear: 1x 120mm
  • Fan Support – Front: 3x 120 mm or 2x 140mm, Rear: 1x 120mm, Top: 2x 120/140 mm, Bottom: 1x 120 mm
  • Radiator Support – Front: 120/240/360 mm, Rear: 120mm, Top: 120, 240 mm, Bottom: 120 or 240 mm
  • Expansion Slots – 7
  • Drive Bays – 3.5″/2.5″-2, 2.5″-3
  • Max. CPU Cooler Height –170mm
  • Max. GPU Length – 315 mm with front fan mounted
  • Max. PSU Length – 170mm
  • Weight – 7kg / 15.4lbs
Good Cooling through Fans

The rear side of the Meshify C tower has one exhaust and seven radiators integrated. A 5.4”-deep detachable board gives the capacity to turn the tower to maintain a big radiator. That board is wide satisfactorily to remove the deeper 3.5” drive enclosure from the top, which is expected when positioning a 3x 120mm radiator.


Of course, appearance is a matter of taste. Still, thanks to the use of a polygonal bezel stylized as a diamond edge and the addition of a tempered glass sidewall, the novelty is perceived more freshly than its predecessors but still solid.

We note the traditionally high quality of craft and materials used. The simplicity and reliability of the design deserve flattering words, in particular, a convenient system for removing and cleaning dust filters and quick access to the insides of the system unit. Feels meticulous attention to detail.

Exclusive Filteration

The filter on the bottom wall of the housing is made of fine synthetic mesh. It is enclosed in a plastic frame and slides out along the guides towards the front wall. It is easy to get into the guides, and the body does not need to be lifted or laid on its side.

The filter for the top wall is most conveniently removed and put in place thanks to the magnetic edging, but it is made of a fairly large plastic mesh, and therefore most of the small dust particles will seep through it into the case. On the other hand, it will perfectly help from falling into the case of coins, keys, any small objects, and it will also save you from part of the dust.

Excellent Cable Management

Buying a dust-free PC case gets more positive ratings once its cable management is organized and easy to install. The Meshify C case has excellent cable management settings, supporting by grommets and routing on the opposite surface of the motherboard tray. 

ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX motherboard compatibility

Although the product comes under the mid-sized category of PC cases, it supports all (ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX) motherboards. It makes it withstand both 4 and 2 RAM slots, hence provide more agility through better performance. 


  • Solid appearance,
  • High quality chassis assembly, panel edge processing and body paint,
  • Excellent rigidity and fit of structural elements,
  • Good opportunities for hidden cable management,
  • Excellent temperature and acoustic performance,
  • Multiple water-cooling radiator support,
  • Plenty of dusty filters,
  • Excellent airflow thanks to mesh front panel,
  • Good overall performance.


  • Doesn’t support 10.6”-deep “Enthusiast” oversized motherboards,
  • Not the quietest PC case around,
  • Compact spacing for PSU.
Fractal Design Meshify C

Fractal Design Meshify C is an elegant and practical case. Numerous seats for fans and radiators allow you to implement any scheme for the direction of air masses, and easily removable filters will not allow the insides to become dusty.
There’s so much to appreciate in different specifications supported by Meshify C (steady airflow, cooling effect, customizability), which enable one’s requirements appropriately marked under a suitable price.

dust free pc case

5. Phanteks | Eclipse P400S Silent Edition

For a quality setup, you may require an inexpensive PC case with the latest characteristics and layout. If you require extra room, extra mounting sections can be bought individually from the Phanteks official portal.

However, its one-stop solution could come in the form of Eclipse P400S Tempered, which is an all-embracing product for novice developers or computer buddies who demand a mid-sized ATX case with a modest flash.

Phanteks Eclipse P400S Dust Proof Case


  • Form Factor – Mid Tower
  • Materials – Steel chassis, Tempered Glass Side Panel
  • Dimensions[LxWxH] – 470 x 210 x 465mm
  • Motherboard Support – ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
  • Dust Filters – Front, Rear, Top
  • Pre-Installed Fans – Front: 1x 120mm, Rear: 1x 120mm
  • Fan Support – Front: 3x 120 mm or 2x 140mm, Rear: 1x 120mm, Top: 2x 120/140 mm
  • Radiator Support – Front: 120/240/360 mm, Rear: 120mm
  • Expansion Slots – 7
  • Drive Bays – 3.5″/2.5″-6, 2.5″-2
  • Max. CPU Cooler Height –160mm
  • Max. GPU Length – 395 mm
  • Max. PSU Length – 270mm
  • Weight – 6.2kg / 13.6lbs
Intelligent Exterior Composition

The front and back slides are made of compact/steel material, while the sides are of tempered glass, giving it an overall outstanding and elegant look. The view from the interior holds the PC’s prominent components and decent lights blowing from the front-end.

Dust Filters

You will be very pleased to find magnetic dust covers for each of these fan pins in the accessories box – if you choose to use one or both of these fans, then you will be protected from dust even if your system is turned off.

This is surprising in situations at this price point! The case is protected elsewhere, with a simple but efficient PSU slide-out filter and filters attached to the front panel’s upper and lower parts.

Installed RGB/LED Controller 

A 10 colors alternation RGB light is located on the top of the front. The RGB LED (extended to 300mm) is also placed with automated on/off switches. It also gives temperature alarms and predictions.

Hidden I/O Front Panel

For a professional outlook, the I/O panel (supporting 2x USD 3.0 headphones, with LED and fan controllers) is hidden on the front slit’s head section. It adds more qualification to the overall appearance of this dust-free PC case. 


  • Sleek design,
  • Full tempered glass side panel,
  • Sound dampening materials throughout,
  • Removable dust filters for easy cleaning,
  • Space for extra fans at the top of the case,
  • Support for up to a 280mm / 360mm front radiator,
  • Option for additional four hard drives with special brackets (purchased separately),
  • RGB lighting,
  • Lots of room inside.


  • Limited water cooling potential,
  • I/O panel on top harder to access when the case is located under a desk,
  • Rear supports only a 120mm fan/radiator.
Phanteks Eclipse P400S

Phanteks was looking to make the case suitable for a specific air-based system or cool all-in-one while making it easy to operate with a good value. However, the internal acceleration provided to PC components through efficient radiators and filtration techniques makes it ideal for all computer users.

dust free pc case

Lian Li | PC-O11DW 011 Dynamic Case

The Lian li 011 dynamic case is a tempered glass side, and the front is where the magic happens, as the chassis is all about the front and left side’s ‘open’ feel and view of your PC’s components and cooling.

You get a classy and great look here, with no RGB and fans by default. After building the PC you will feel the quality is great. No fan hubs are provided either, but there are fan and magnetic dust filters, of course.

Lian Li 011 Dynamic Case Mid Tower Dust Proof Case


  • Form Factor – Mid Tower
  • Materials – Steel Body – Steel & Aluminium
  • Dimensions[LxWxH] – 471 x 285 x 513mm
  • Motherboard Support – E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, ITX (For EEB motherboards, need to purchase an extension panel)
  • Dust Filters – Bottom fan + PSU, Front fans, Top fans
  • Pre-Installed Fans – Rear: 1x 120mm (1x Dynamic X2 GP-12 included)
  • Fan Support – Front: 3x 120mm, Rear: 1x 120mm or 2x 140 mm, Top: 2x 120/140 mm, Bottom: 1x 120 mm
  • Radiator Support – Front: 120/240 mm, 140/280 mm (max-width 144 mm), Rear: 120 mm (max width 125 mm), Top: 120/240 mm
  • Expansion Slots – 5
  • Drive Bays – 3.5″/2.5″-2, 2.5″-3
  • Max. CPU Cooler Height –172mm
  • Max. GPU Length – 315mm
  • Max. PSU Length – 175mm
  • Weight – 7.4kg / 16.3lbs
Award-Wining/Dynamic Exterior

The body has full tempered glass used, smashed with steel and aluminium assent panel. Formatting adjusted through all three composition elements developed the case into a decent rectangular PC cover, with no extra growings, handles, and slots.

Room for PSUs & Cable Management

The power supply is pretty basic but functional. You have the option to install a longer PSU as your primary PSU without losing any hard drive bays. Above this compartment, another compartment can also be used to install an additional power supply.

Installing the power supply is pretty straightforward. Place it in the compartment and secure it with the supplied screws. Before installing the hard drives in the center section, you must install it as it simplifies cable management and routing.

Along the Length I/O Panel

The head and front have no mess of buttons and slots. Rather, the side length of the front and side panel has a common array where USB holes, headphones, and mic pins are located. 

Solid Fan Filtration System

Fans are installed throughout the steel covering of the chassis and they support washable panels on which filters are located to rectify air professionally. The magnetic dust filters are a great touch as are the recessed areas for them to sit. These filters work on a magnetic effect that controls the entrance of heavy dust particles entrance.

The magnetic dust filters are joined to the side panels that hold your dust filters; otherwise, they don’t stick. Speaking of dust filters, a removable fine dust filter at the base is taken out from the side.

This filter is intended to cover your intake area, which is decent because it is extremely fine. Dissimilar to the standard coarse magnetic and flexible dust filters on the sides and the top.

Top Lid of the Case

The top of the PC-011 Dynamic has a brushed aluminium lid. You can remove it to reveal mounting holes for a 360mm radiator or three 120mm or two 140mm fans. The metal mesh filter with magnetic stripes again retains dust and dirt.

Pros and Cons


  • Design Looks Fantastic,
  • Lian Li’s excellent Craftsmanship,
  • Four magnetic dust filters, HDD vibration isolation
  • Despite the two segments, it provides enough space for tower coolers of medium size, long video cards,
  • Can install three 360mm radiators at the same time,
  • Magnificent Water Cooling Support,
  • Reasonably priced.


  • No fans Thermal performance,
  • Screwless installation of expansion cards and drives is not supported.
Lian Li 011 Dynamic Case,

Lian Li O11 Dynamic is a well-made and distinctive case, created aimed at the water cooling enthusiast with magnetic filtration.
Considering its compact size, it’s quite impressive that the case can hold up to three 360mm radiators, long graphics cards, and two power supplies. This makes the PC-011 Dynamic stand out from all other cases on the market.
Therefore, those users looking to have a dynamically functional and beautiful case for PC can consider it without wasting any time more.

dust free pc case

Dust Free Full Tower PC Case

7. Cooler Master | COSMOS C700P Black Full-Tower Edition

The Cooler Master Cosmos C700P is a full-tower, E-ATX modifiable gaming PC chassis. This different frame is a focused computer PC’s shell that has different premium traits. It possesses many water-cooling edges, various design installation switches, and assorted construction aesthetics.

Cooler Master COSMOS C700P Dust Free Full Tower Case


  • Form Factor – Full Tower
  • Materials – Steel Body – Steel, Plastic, Tempered Glass, Aluminum
  • Dimensions[LxWxH] – 639 x 306 x 651mm
  • Motherboard Support – ATX, E-ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
  • Dust Filters – Front, Rear, Bottom, Top
  • Pre-Installed Fans – Front: 2x140mm, Rear: 1x 140mm
  • Fan Support – Front: 3x 120/140mm, Rear: 1x 120/140mm, Top: 3x 120/140mm, Bottom: 2x 120/140mm
  • Radiator Support – Front: 120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, 420mm, 140/280 mm (max-width 144 mm), Rear: 120mm, 140mm, Top: 120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, Bottom: 120mm, 140mm, 240mm
  • Expansion Slots – 8
  • Drive Bays – 3.5″/2.5″-2, 2.5″-2, 5.25″-1
  • Weight – 22.6kg / 48.9lbs
Versatile Layout

Cosmos C700P has glass tempered in a curved design which grants the chassis an attractive look, even in giant size. The curved glass panels provide a 360 clear view from inside components, with RBG LED display of multiple colors.

Fans and Noise Level

Three pre-installed 140mm fans provide good cooling performance out of the box. But if necessary, you can add optional fans and heat exchangers. The built-in controller allows control of six fans. But, frankly, two controller positions are not enough, the third minimum speed would not hurt for fans of quiet systems. In any case, switching the fans to 7V significantly reduces the noise level.

Liquid Cooling Support

It, along with fans’ air passage convenience, also involves distinct liquid cooling comfort. This comprises a horizontal radiator section layout adaptable to scale on the head, port, or base structures. In extension, 2 combined sections can individually carry a 402mm radiator.

Dust Filtering

The advantages of the Cosmos C700P include dust filters that are easy to clean, as well as a luxurious I / O panel. The lower dust filter helps keep the inside clean and is the only place cold air comes from. So, no other intakes to complicate things.

If you relied on air cooling, you would be better off removing all the filters and then periodically blow the dust out of the case with a can of air. I don’t recommend this option, and instead, I encourage you to install a liquid cooling solution.

This case also seems to be quite effective at filtering out dust, the enemy of all computers. I rate it highly for its design and quality of materials.

Flexible Configuration

But the strengths of the Cooler Master flagship don’t end there. The enclosure provides maximum configuration flexibility. It is enough to arm yourself with a screwdriver, after which the Cosmos C700P case can be disassembled into parts. As a result, the body pleases with very high flexibility of the interior configuration.

You can install massive water cooling systems, a multiple SATA SSDs and motherboard can be installed in three different orientations. Modders will surely be happy as screws are used everywhere instead of rivets. It’s good to see Cooler Master stick to its “Make it Yours” concept.

Pros and Cons


  • Modern design and excellent build quality,
  • Can rotate motherboard to 90° or 180° layout,
  • Supports motherboards up to 12.3” deep and cards up to 19.3” long,
  • Comes with a DRGB controller and fan controller,
  • Super water cooler friendly (max 420mm radiator),
  • Quite effective at filtering out dust.
  • A very good option for a tricked out Water Cooler case,
  • Great expandability with a high range of accessories.


  • Heavy in weight,
  • RGB has a great light intensity,
  • Adding/changing expansion cards essentially means disassembling the whole system,
  • Quite expensive.

Cooler Master | COSMOS C700P

If you want an E-ATX case with an impressive appearance and the most modular concept, then you can safely take the Cosmos C700P. The new flagship Cooler Master is suitable for modern and future systems, fully confirming its “space” name.
This product has no match when it comes to providing multiple build layout support with water cooling extension among big towers.

dust free pc case


The most reliable PC chassis for dusted surroundings are fitting if you’re in a space exposed to dirt. The course dust-free PC frames do not suggest completely against dust filtration, and the dirt will not pause on them.

Yet, the most competent dirt-proof pc cases hold the ablest filth filters to prevent them from smut. Still, you must take a little time managing your PC and wipe the dirt filters before a month reaches completion.

Apart, it would be best if you took a brief understanding of each component necessary to calm down the internal disturbed state of PC components that, in consequence, can harm your entire computer setup.

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