Top 14 Types of Servers ➭ On the Internet.

In this digital era, many websites and applications are dependent on different types of servers for their needs. Google is the world’s largest websites to get as much data as we want, Google provides us the stored data of websites from its large and powerful servers.

Befor knowing different types of servers, first let’s know what server is?, and example of servers:

What is Server? Meaning :

A server is a computer that serves the data to other computers and users. It can be a computer, a hardware device, or a computer program that is loaded so that it can send data and any information to other computers. The device that receives requests, and responses from the server, is called a client.

Server microcomputer

On the Internet, the term “server” usually refers to a computer storage or hosting that receives a request (it can be image, video, web page, etc) and sends the requested information to the client. When the server and its clients work together on the computer, we call it the client/server network.

The task of different types of servers is to serve the users of the Internet, by providing to users all the information that they wanted to know.

How does Server work in simple words? Explain with a simple example.

Suppose, if someone watch any video on YouTube or any information we search in the web browser of our device, then whatever results in we get to see on our device. After searching it generates a request and goes through YouTube’s server where all its data is stored and resides.

There the server finds the video you have requested and sends its data to your device, after that he enjoys the video.

A server is like a computer and there are many different types of servers that have different capacities in the world. If we install the program of the server on a normal computer or laptop, then that computer will also work as a server.

Similarly, various types of servers work like this. The Internet helps us to download a file, browsing, sending emails, using social networking sites, etc by accessing different types of servers.

Also there are some kind of servers installed servers in particular computers as non-dedicated servers, it means they are not available to work 24 hours a day. Non-dedicated servers are used in limited places like home, schools, colleges, hospitals, offices, etc. which we also call local networks.

Then what are dedicated servers?. The servers that capable of run for 24 × 7 to providing their data and information to their users continuously are called dedicated servers. These computers of dedicated servers are very expensive and have high quality and speed of their processors and RAM.

With the help of the Internet, whatever we search in google, we get results from dedicated servers only. Let’s know the types of servers.

Types of Servers

By the way, the needs of the new digital era, there are many types of servers exist are follows:

1. Web Server

A web server is a server that runs on websites. It is also called a computer program. The main function of web servers is to store, process, and deliver.

Whenever we search on the internet through web browsers like chrome, Mozilla, internet explorer, etc, receives the request for the URL and then web server sends the data according to the need of the user. These types of servers mainly show the data in format like images, text, video, etc.

A web server program uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), which serves files for users that create web pages. Dedicated computers and applications are also known as web servers.

2. Email Server

The email server provides the facility of sending emails to the receiver and to receive emails from the sender as well as stores all the details and messages of the users’ account on the server. The email server is also called mail server transfer agent (MTA) or internet mailer.

Whenever you mail or send a message to someone, it first accesses to SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and then identifies the address of the person whom you want to send mail and then mail goes to the recipient. In short, these types of servers act as a virtual post office.

3. Application Server

Application Server is a framework, it is an environment where applications run. Application Server includes a server operating system (OS) and server hardware that provides computing-intensive operations and other services to the application.

These application types of servers can be used to develop and run a web-based application. There are many different types of Application Servers including PHP, Java, and .NET Framework.

key features of an application server include data redundancy, data/application security, high availability, user management, load balancing, and a centralized management interface.

4. Database Server

A database server is a computer system that provides services related to accessing and retrieving data from databases to other computers. Database server access can be from the “front end” running on the user’s machine or “back end” running on the database server accessed from the remote shell.

After accessing the information inside the database, it gives the output of data requested by the user.

These types of servers are similar to a warehouse, where the website’s data and information are stored and maintained. Many companies use a database server for the storage of their data. Users access the data using query labels related to the database. SQL is an example of a query language.

5. FTP Server

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a very old Internet service that helps users to transfer files from one place to another via the Internet very securely. When a client requests a web page on a web browser, the server uses the protocol to display your file.

In short, If you create a web page on your computer using an editor for your site, you have to upload it to the server where your site is hosted. FTP also provides file security, transfer control, and organization of files to the server.

6. File Server

A file server is a network that helps to transfer stored files. The file server stores and manages all the files in a computer and sends a copy of the file to the other computer on the request of the users. It shares the storage of computer files such as documents, sound files, photographs, images, databases, etc. These types of servers is used mainly on the local network.

7. Proxy Server

Proxy server commonly called “proxy”. It acts as a gateway between users and the internet. These types of servers are used for performance enhancement, privacy, and anonymous surfing. When a client connects to a proxy server and requests a service, its accessing IP address changes.

For example, for a web-page, it evaluates how to simplify and control the complexity of the request. A proxy acts as a mediator between a client program and an external server for network connection sharing, network data filtering, and data caching.

Proxy in other words, “providing indirect service to someone“. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is quite similar to the Proxy server.

8. Streaming Server

With the help of Streaming Servers, the ability in multimedia applications comes so that they can broadcast or even live on websites like youtube and ott platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Multimedia streaming is a way of transporting data. These types of serves technology have also increased a lot due to the continuous growth of Internet audiences.

Streaming is a very good solution for users who don’t have the facility to download large multimedia files. When the client or user receives the data and forwarded by the websites in the form of a steady stream. It also has the process to converts it to sound and pictures in their desired format.

9. IRC Server (Internet Relay Chat)

The full name of IRC is an ‘Internet Relay Chat’. It is an application layer protocol that is used to communicate over the Internet as a text message in real-time. In simple words, “internet relay chat is a service through which users can chat with each other online.” The Internet relay chat that works on the client/server networking model.

In this, users need to have to install IRC clients on their system so that they can connect to the IRC server. The most famous IRC clients are – mIRC for Windows and OS X for textual Mac.

If you want to chat or connect with other IRC users then you must have an IRC client and internet access. The IRC client is a program that runs on the computer and receives and sends messages from the IRC server. And the IRC server has the responsibility that the messages should reach to all the users.

There can be many group discussions at a time, so it provides a unique channel to each. These types of servers are still used a lot today. And its client software supports almost all the major operating systems.

10. Fax Server

A fax server is a software system capable of receiving the incoming faxes, sending faxes and distributing faxes over a computer network. These types of Servers are commonly used in large scale organizations. Because the Fax Servers saves time and reduces incoming and outgoing telephone resources which help the business by saving time and money.

11. Groupware Server

A groupware server is a computer server. The main purpose of creating this server was that it allows users to work jointly with ease. The number of clients connected to this server basically depends on the nature of the project. There is a need to install software onto the various client computers to allow for better communication between the clients and access to the server.

A groupware server can be used to reduce unnecessary communication between team members and to increase efficiency and productivity. Thus a collaborative work can be done simultaneously in the environment.

12. News Server

News Servers are software or a computer system used to share and deliver the news. It manages the storage and routing of messages as well as control access to newsgroups in a Usenet. It is a primary part of Usenet and is also responsible for handling various operations. News servers may function as a reader server or a transit server sometimes both.

13. List Server

List servers are a great way to handle mailing lists that are statements, newspapers, or publicity. A mailing list server is a program that handles subscription requests for a mailing list and distributes new messages, newsletters, news, or other postings from the list’s members to the entire list of subscribers. These list servers are included in interactive discussions that are open to the community.

14. Telnet Server

Telnet is a simple, text-based network protocol that is used to access remote computers over the Internet such as TCP / IP networks. Telnet is a protocol that connects you to a Remote Computer (Host) over a TCP / IP network (such as the Internet).

Using Telnet Client Software on your computer, one can create a Connection to Telnet Server (ie Remote Host). These types of servers are most commonly used for remote-management, but sometimes for the initial setup of some devices, especially networks, hardware such as switches, Access Point, etc.

The above was the most used types of servers over the world of the internet. Share with your friends also to make them aware of various types of servers.

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