Quadro vs GeForce » Features, Power and Comparison Chart.

Many people use GPUs in personal computers for creating, and one type of GPU called “Quadro” and another GeForce is popular. However, even if you’ve heard, you may not fully understand its features and performance or know which series to choose.

You may also wonder how Quadro differs from other types of GeForce GPUs. In this article, I’ll compare both the Quadro vs GeForce GPUs type and provide a detailed explanation of features, performance, and overall outline.

Quadro vs GeForce

Quadro vs GeForce

What is Quadro? 

Quadro is a flagship brand of graphics processing units (GPUs) developed by Nvidia, primarily for professional and enterprise-level workstation applications to execute high-precision calculations and mathematical processes and optimize rendering time.

Quadro GPU

Quadro GPUs are designed to deliver high-performance computing power and advanced visualization capabilities and have focused on specific tasks such as CAD/CAM software, animation, digital content creation (DCC), scientific simulations, video editing, and other intensive business applications that other multitasking cards cannot match. 

Quadro GPUs uses

For example, a project you are rendering with a Geforce can take you three hours, while the same project with a Quadro can take you less than half or a third.

Now replaced by “RTX A.” 

The name “Quadro” is no longer used as a series name. Instead, it has been replaced by the “RTX A” series name. The RTX A series is now referred to as “NVIDIA RTX/NVIDIA Quadro®” even though it doesn’t inherit the Quadro brand name. Examples like NVIDIA RTX A6000 and NVIDIA RTX A5500.

Unique Features of Quadro/NVIDIA RTX

Certain features like “NVIDIA Mosaic” are only available for the NVIDIA RTX/Quadro series. This function allows multiple displays to be arranged and treated as one large display, with the ability to synchronize up to 16 displays. It also includes features such as aligning refresh timing and correcting the gap between displays for accurate display.

When used with the expansion board “NVIDIA Quadro Sync 2”, it can synchronize up to 32 units across multiple PCs.

You set up multiple displays using the GeForce series, but there are limitations on how big the multi-display can be. However, the NVIDIA RTX/Quadro series has advantages as they have larger memory life capacities, higher precision floating-point calculations, and come with specialized features, 10-bit color precision, and advanced video processing capabilities.

Advantages of Quadro graphics cards over Geforce

  • Much more capacity and resistance for intensive work.
  • Calculations and tasks with greater precision.
  • Much more power thanks to its “brute force.”
  • Greater specialization and optimization in renderings.

What is GeForce? 

Geforce is the most popular line of graphics cards for gaming and multimedia applications. Geforce GPUs are typically equipped with faster clock speeds than Quadro GPUs and perform excellently when playing games or running multimedia software.

Nvidia GeForce

GeForce and Quadro can be said to be twin brothers, but their characterization in computer is different. Such as GeForce come with advanced features like real-time ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS, and AI-accelerated image processing, which is different from the ability of Quadro.

Nvidia’s GeForce lineup includes various series of GPUs, such as the GeForce RTX, GeForce GTX, and GeForce MX. These GPUs can improve gaming performance, video editing, 3D modeling, and other demanding tasks requiring fast and efficient graphics processing.

GTX graphics have spanned the low, mid, high, and top ranges until the RTX came along. Currently, you can get enough power GTX cards such as the GTX 1650 Super or the GTX 1660 Super, but the RTX already forms the highest ranges due to their clear focus on the game at 2K and 4K resolutions in addition to the use of Ray Tracing.

Advantages of Geforce graphics cards over Quadro

  • Versatility when wanting a multitasking PC.
  • A much more optimized quality/price/performance ratio.
  • Nvidia GTX cards typically offer faster GPU clock speeds in the 10-20% range
  • Architectures are similar to Quadro (Maxwell/CUDA, Pascal… And in the case of RTX, the new Turing).

For these reasons, Geforce today is Nvidia’s most prolific series, purchased by tens of millions for their personal work and use of computers.

Quadro vs GeForce Comparison chart



For professionals

For general users

For creative work & commercial applications

For gamers

Mainly OpenGL Api

Mainly DirectX Api

For Production Use

For Regular consumers

Strong support for multi-display environments up to 32 screens is possible.

General multi-display function. Some products support 4-screen display.



Price to Specs Difference Between Quadro and GeForce

The required specifications for a professional graphics board like “Quadro” vary depending on the work type, which affects the price. Therefore, when considering processing power and price, it’s important to compare GPUs of GeForce and Quadro, such as the RTX 3090 and RTX A6000, in terms of cost-effectiveness.



RTX A6000

Number of CUDA cores



Memory bus



Video memory



Power consumption



Data Rate






Although the video memory capacity has doubled, the number of CUDA cores remains almost the same, so the difference in processing power is not large. However, the price difference is more than double, but the “Quadro” system isn’t fair cost performance based on these results.

GeForce vs Quadro Graphics – When to Choose?

In what situations should you choose one or the other? I put it here clearly and concisely.

  • If you are a regular PC gaming player or want to make gameplays, edit and upload them and include streaming among your activities, then you have to choose a GTX or RTX 30 series, 40 and 20 series. They will also be useful for all kinds of 3D design activities, professional video editing, and, generally, getting a multitasking team that meets your different needs.
  • If you are self-employed or a company that needs a workstation that is the most efficient in the renderings and projects that you carry out, yours is a QUADRO. Without any games or other uses, focus performance on what is strictly necessary to get the most fluidity and productivity possible.

Wrapping Up

There are some overlaps between the uses of both. Still, if you roughly distinguish them, the NVIDIA RTX/Quadro series is for content creators, and the GeForce series is for regular gaming and editing users.

However, some users may use either series in a way that’s different from its intended purpose, disregarding the output and optimization level. The software that requires the NVIDIA RTX/Quadro series is commonly used in business and work. In such applications, it’s crucial to have stable and reliable performance.


Why Quadro/ RTX A often have high prices than GeForce?

It is a fact that professionals and companies in the engineering and architecture industries have a higher budget for computer equipment compared to the general population. Nvidia recognizes this and it is reasonable for them to have a higher profit margin on their Quadro graphics cards compared to Geforce. Moreover, the prices of Quadro cards are monopolistic as there are no rival in these market.

Can we play DirectX and Vulkan based games on Quadro GPU?

It is possible to start and play the game even with “Quadro.” In addition to OpenGL, it supports APIs often used in games like DirectX and Vulkan. However, if you use DirectX with a graphics card like GeForce, which is more specialized, the frame rate will be higher even if the processing power is the same.

Do game developers use Quadro/RTX A or GeForce GPU?

Game developers use “Quadro” GPUs, while consumer-side GPUs are typically GeForces. Games require a powerful GPU for real-time image processing. The Quadro is particularly helpful for game testing as it allows for checking movement in the game.

Which has more durable hardware, Quadro/RTX or GTX?

Quadro cards are typically designed for maximum durability and longevity, holding up better to the rigors of everyday use compared to the GTX cards meant for personal use. As a result, Quadro cards offer a longer and more comprehensive warranty on average.

With this, the article ends. Hopefully, you find the information useful.

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