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Logitech products are always mentioned in the gaming mousepads used by many gamers around the world. This time I got Logitech’s large mouse pad, G640. So, this article is on a Logitech g640 Mousepad review.

The Logitech G640 is a soft-type gaming mouse pad that was released by Logitech in 2015. However, it is still being one of the top gaming mousepads used by FPS professional gamers due to its relatively large size and compatibility while gaming (mouse pad that can be used for games of all genres).

Gaming mousepads aren’t necessarily the most important peripheral of computer, but using a gaming mousepad that fits your style will definitely improve your PC gaming experience and performance that’s why the majority of the gamers consider gaming mousepad for their performance.

In this article, I will review the Logitech g640 mousepad and share the usability, feeling of use, texture, and durability after used for a year now. I also made a comparison with the mouse pad of other manufacturers, so I would be grateful if you could refer to it!

Let’s begin the Logitech g640 Mousepad Review.

Logitech g640 Mousepad Review

Let’s start with the Logitech G640 Mousepad review. The Logitech 640 comes packed in a hexagonal box. The contents are only the mouse pad body, warranty card and warranty policy.

Logitech G640 Mousepad Review

Since the mouse pad is cylindrical, it has a slight curl for few hours after opening, but it flattens out within a couple of hours when placed on a desk. Also, there is almost no odor from the beginning of the opening.

logitech g640 mousepad first impression

It looks impressive and immediately makes it clear that inside there is a rug of at least medium size. By the way, the manufacturer himself mentions the packaging as one of the chips – it is convenient to carry the mat with you in it if you often travel with all the game uniforms.

Logitech g640 mousepad

So, this time, I will check “Logitech G640” which is used by many players at home. I get the impression that it has permeated both casual gamers and professional scenes, yet how about we discover the featuring specs.

Quick Specs

  • Size – Length: 400mm, Horizontal: 460mm,
  • Thickness – 3mm,
  • Weight – 351g,
  • Slip surface – Made of Soft fabric,
  • Back side – Non-slip rubber base,
  • The edges are left uncut and not sewn,

Extra designs and patterns can adversely affect the performance of the mouse sensor either optical or laser. The G640 is developed with this in mind, enables stable mouse operation anywhere on the mouse pad. Clean, consistent processing from end to end for smooth tracking across the entire surface.

1. Appearance & Material.

The design of the mousepad is very simplistic and the entire main playing surface is made of material with black colored, with the just only Logitech “G” logo at the bottom right. The backside is made of rubber material to prevent slipping from the desk.

Logitech g640 mousepad appearance

The texture of the surface is made of soft fabric material and it slides smoothly so even if you use various types of mice, there is no particular habit. The surface is thin – only 3 mm so that the hand doesn’t get tired and feels as comfortable as could really be expected.

logitech 6g640 mousepad surface

Soft foam at the base provides decent cushioning and added comfort, while the pronounced texture prevents the rug from slipping on the table. Also, The sponge in the middle layer is a little hard. Also, it has a cushioning property that sinks a little when pressed with a finger.

logitech g640 material

In general, everything is modest, sustained, and will be more in spirit for those users who don’t care about surfaces that attract too much attention. Even from the point of view of design and ergonomics, there is simply nothing to complain about the Logitech G640.

But at the same time, the white part reflected is the “G” logo at the lower right corner of the mouse pad, but as you can see, the paint is sticky, so the logo part can not be used as a mouse pad.

logitech logo on mousepad

2. Slipperiness

As per Logitech’s formula, the G640’s surface friction is “moderate” and is classified as a balanced mouse pad. Implies that the surface is smooth to the touch, with little resistance, and medium-speed sliding that is neither too quick nor too slow.

logitech g640 mousepad slipperiness

The reason I referenced “moderate cushioning” above is that the pad is neither too hard nor excessively delicate, and the slight sinking of the mouse pad provides just the right amount of resistance.

I felt that it was a mouse pad that was slippery than average. What is remarkable about this mouse pad is its fine and silky surface material. The surface of the G640 allows the mouse to slide smoothly, giving a light operation feeling.

Also in the terms of the difference in vertical and horizontal sliding, the vertical one has a slight sense of resistance. The feel is also slightly different between vertical and horizontal.

Since the mouse is flat and stable from the start to the stop, it can be said that it is a mouse pad that is compatible with games that require accurate tracking.

At last, there are many different aim styles, and each person feels differently, so it’s hard to say which mouse pad is the best. In any case, there is a view that it is safer to avoid peaky things so as not to create odd habits. In such cases, the G640 will be the first choice.

3. Durability

I’ve used the G640 for gaming for about a year, and I’ve seen the durability and maintainability: The troubling point I observed is the non-stitched edge with the mousepad. Since the edges are not sewn and it looks like it has been cut.

Logitech g640 mousepad edge

It’s 3mm thick and doesn’t have the stitching that you often see on modern gaming mousepads. If you use this type of hand for a long time, accordingly, the edges become fluffy due to deterioration over time, the peeling will become noticeable after a certain period of use.

logitech g640 mousepad durability

This is unavoidable as long as it is a full flat type mouse pad with no stitches on the edges, however it turned out to be such a state in around 6 months to 10 months.

In addition, the cloth on the surface becomes less slippery due to dirt such as hand sweat as it is used. Wiping with a wet wipe can restore the slipperiness, but it is only a temporary remedy. It isn’t suggested if it becomes conspicuous or slippery, yet it is better to wash it.

The feeling of operation doesn’t fluctuate greatly depending on the environment, and I didn’t feel that it is vulnerable to humidity. So I can say that after reviewing the Logitech g40 mousepad the durability is moderate but not high at all.

4. Performance

The first thing that attracts the attention of the Logitech G604 is its large size.

And the second thing is that the manufacturer used medium friction nylon on the top surface, which functions admirably for both speed and control options. At the same time, the mouse runs on the mat really well, without snags or slippages.

Tracking Performance with logitech g640 mousepad

And I had no complaints about speed and accuracy either with the Logitech G604, with which he came for testing or with other gaming mice.

To make the mouse significantly more comfortable, the manufacturer narrowed its back to the back and made the sides curved. There is even a special thumb rest on the Logitech’s g640 mouse if you see it on the left side so that one can rest and not be in constant tension.

I also don’t feel a lot of friction even if my palm hits it, so I felt it was truly easy to use for gaming.

5. Gaming Experience

Apex Legends is a game that often has a smooth AIM that keeps chasing enemies, but CS: GO is a game with many numerous that aim and stop suddenly, and even with the same FPS, the AIM method is completely different, so it is a quite different view.

In the case of Apex Legends, I found it easy to do AIM that keeps moving like chasing enemies. I was able to move the mouse smoothly because it was slippery and I could move the mouse with a light force.

In the case of CS: GO, I had the impression that the slippery advantage was rarely good in light of the fact that it was more like matching the AIM to the enemy rather than keeping the AIM moving, but I didn’t think it was difficult to stop.

Generally speaking, the G640 mousepad has an excellent balance of “slip” and “stop”, which are important for mouse movement during the game. From games with intense shooting such as Fort Knight to games that require AIM accuracy. There’s a reason why it’s also picked by professional gamers!

In conclusion, it’s a very slippery and easy-to-use mouse.

The Impression of using Logitech g640 Mousepad for a Year:

  • The G640 is a slippery [balanced type] as a gaming mouse pad,
  • It slips considerably when combined with a lightweight mouse that weighs only 60g and 70g, which is popular these days.
  • It slides moderately and stops moderately.
  • It feels like silk … It’s a bit overstated, but it’s that kind of smoothness.
  • Arms are fluffy because there is no edge stitch,
  • I was able to bring out my performance without any problems even with CS: GO, which requires fine AIM.
  • The Logitech G640r is well-balanced and can be used in a variety of play styles, including high-sensitivity, middle-sensitivity, and low-sensitivity, so it’s no wonder it’s used by top players around the world.

Comparing the Logitech g640 Mousepad with Steelseries Qck.

I compared the slipperiness of “Logitech G640” with the “SteelSeries QcK” mouse pad. The “SteelSeries QcK” is 2mm thick and the “Logitech G640” is 3mm thick. Both are cloth mousepads

The surface knitting looks almost the same, but the Logitech G640r is smooth and has a silky texture that allows you to move the mouse more smoothly than with the Qck. With respect to the stop, Qck will be in an ideal situation.

In addition, the middle layer has moderate cushioning (thickness 3 mm). For example, with QcK, although it is a sliding surface with strong resistance and easy to control, it doesn’t have pad properties (thickness 2 mm), so I feel that it lacks instantaneous stopping ease, but with G640, the mouse sinks into the cushion and you can get a sensation of stopping.

As a result, “Logitech G640” had overwhelmingly better slippage. Well, the “SteelSeries QcK” is worn out and may have deteriorated, but maybe even a new one, the “Logitech G640” slipped better.

Even if you touch it, the “SteelSeries QcK” is rough and the “Logitech G640” is smooth, so I think the “Logitech G640” was smoother.

If you focus on stopping, it’s like “SteelSeries QcK +”, and if you focus on slipping, it’s like “Logitech G640”.

Until now, the SteelSeries QcK series has always been the standard mouse pad. However, in recent years, I think the G640 has taken the place of a standard product from the Qck series. The reason is that the G640 is more sophisticated and follows modern games.

Pros and Cons of Logitech g640 Mousepad


  • Simplistic design,
  • Large Size,
  • Excellent performance as an introductory gaming mouse pad,
  • Slip is good and stops moderately,
  • The excellent quality playing surface,
  • The effect of rubber processing on the backside is so great that it does not shift even if the mouse is shaken extremely,
  • Optimal carpet thickness.
  • Quality Logitech, one of the best companies providing gaming devices,
  • Used by the world’s top esport players.


  • Since it is not stitched, it is not as durable as a mouse pad that is stitched,
  • The mouse has no wired connection,
  • High price, but unfortunately you have to pay for quality.


Logitech g640 Mousepad is Recommended for?

The Logitech G640 mousepad is recommended for all gamers from PC game beginners to professional esport players in various genres and play styles.

Does the Logitech g640 Mousepad works with the latest gaming mouse sensors?

I tested a variety of sensors on it (Pixart PMW3310, SDNS-3988, ADNS-9800, as well as Philips Twin-Eye PLN2037), and I did not notice any jambs on any of them. The surface should be called universal and the most problem-free for working with almost any sensor.

How hard is the property of the backside of the logitech g40 mousepad?

The backside is a non-slip rubber base property. The mouse pad does not move at all even if you operate the mouse violently and it stops firmly. The large size and large surface area of ​​the non-slip are also one of the reasons why it is hard to slip. It can handle intense mouse movements in FPS!

How slippery the mousepad is?

It is a gaming mouse pad for those who are looking for “slipperiness” in the mouse pad. It is a highly recommended for gamers who want smooth mouse sliding.

How often mousepad gets dirty?

The mousepad gets dirty constantly, however even if it gets a little dirty during use, it can be easily wiped off by simply wiping the surface with a slightly damp cloth.

Logitech g640 Mousepad Review’s Conclusion:

We’ve taken a closer look at the Logitech G640 mousepad review. It is one of the gaming mouse pads that is recommended for beginners in PC gaming without any doubt for the reason it has a good balance of slip and stop and does not have such a habit.

It is also an irresistible option for core gamers who want to “balance slip and stop“. The feeling of operation required by each person is different, but I think that it is extremely rare to dislike the feeling of operation of the G640, which is an intermediate standing position (aside from whether it is preferred or not).

The Logitech G640 is, in a good way, a regular mouse pad. Quality, usability, durability, and price are all normal. Nothing, in particular, is good or bad. But I think this is the biggest reason why it’s gaining popularity among gamers.

The performance aspect of the G640 is satisfying for many players. Durability is the only little drawback. G640 is a full flat type mouse pad with no stitching on the edge. It is important to understand that the cloth on the surface will come off at the edge where the arm rubs.

Finally, the G640 is perfect for anyone who wants to make a universal choice. If you are asked, “I’m thinking of buying a gaming mouse pad, what should I do?”, I would recommend the Logitech G640 immediately.

Bottom Line: It is a standard product and has a sophisticated feel. Recommended for a wide range of players from light gamers to professional gamers.

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