MLC or TLC – Which Type of SSD Memory is Better to Choose?

Ever found yourself scratching your head in confusion at the SSD acronyms like TLC and MLC? These terms refer to the type of NAND memory used in SSDs. I will be comparing MLC SSD vs TLC SSD – to know which is more reliable and which is better, including for games and what are the differences.

What Types of Memory are used in SSD Drives?

If divided according to the principle of reading / writing, then NAND-type memory is almost always used in all drives. This also includes a more advanced version of 3d v-nand with improved performance. The difference is that the prefix 3D means that the memory cells are superimposed not in one layer, but in several.

According to storage technology, there are various categories: SLC, storing one bit of information in each cell; MLC, storing multiple bits in a cell; and TLC, which sits somewhere between SLC and MLC, capable of storing 3 bits in one cell.

While the choice of memory type does not significantly affect the speed of operation or the amount of stored information, it can impact the overall speed, which may be limited by the interface.

MLC vs TLC: Which is Better?

solid state drive (SSD)

Due to the peculiarities of the algorithms, it should be noted that MLC lasts 25% longer on average compared to TLC. It writes and reads data a little faster, but it consumes a little more power to work. This means that MLC-based SSD drives have a higher endurance and can handle more write cycles before wearing out.

However, if we consider SSD drives in the context of home use, then this difference is not so noticeable as to seriously declare the strong advantages of MLC over TLC (but it still exists).

Also, when connected via SATA, both types of memory will consume approximately the same amount of energy. In this case, the port to which the drive is connected also affects, and when using PCI-E, much more energy will be consumed.

Summing up, I can say that there are no obvious significant advantages of any of the cell types.


Which is better SLC or TLC?

Although SLC is superior in terms of performance and durability due to its lower bit-per-cell configuration, still you hardly notice any differnce while using on PC.

What is the difference between TLC and SLC?

TLC stores three bits per cell, cost-effective but less durable. SLC stores one bit, pricier but more durable and faster. Choose TLC for budget, SLC for performance and longevity.

Why is SLC faster than MLC?

SLC is faster than MLC due to its simpler one-bit-per-cell design. Each SLC cell stores only one data bit, enabling quicker reading and writing compared to MLC’s multi-bit-per-cell setup.

Is TLC faster than MLC?

No, MLC generally offers faster performance than TLC due to its higher bit-per-cell configuration.

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