Why are motherboards so expensive? (Reasons Explained).

Why are motherboards so expensive? It’s important to know what Motherboard you need before buying your PC because they can vary in price from cheap to expensive depending on what you need.

Motherboards are pretty expensive because they have to serve so many different components and features. If you also don’t know the logic and factors behind high motherboard prices, then you are at the right place.

Because I am in this article will discuss every viewpoint of why motherboard prices are so high; and should you choose an expensive motherboard? The ultimate goal of this article is to clear all your doubts regarding High motherboard prices etc.

Why are motherboards getting more and more expensive?

Why are motherboards so expensive (Reasons Explained)

It’s true that over the past few years, the costs of motherboards have gone up significantly indeed. One of the main causes of motherboards getting more expensive is the rise in popularity of PCIe & NVMe SSDs.

NVMe has taken over the industry and become widely popular among consumers who prefer its speed, efficiency, and responsiveness, which has caused people to switch over from SATA storage.

As a result, we’ve seen an increase in prices across all segments of motherboards since manufacturers have started shifting resources to produce more PCIe/NVMe SSD types.

Pro Tip – Don’t have NVMe slots on current motherboard – get external SSD drive for gaming at a cheap cost.

Previously, there were many options available to consumers wishing to build high-end PCs that included 4-way SLI or other high-end features for well below $500; however, these options have disappeared, resulting in fewer choices for consumers as a whole.

Aesthetic design is trendy among enthusiasts; you might see blue, black, red, and even white colors which raises it cost than conventional green color PCBs.

In addition, the supply chain also led to the shortage of motherboard including GPU, and other components contributing to increase the price. These is why motherboard cost increases.

Is an expensive motherboard worth it? Which advantages & features do you get by purchasing a more expensive motherboard?

This is a question that many people have asked. With the new release of Intel’s Coffee Lake processors, the answer to this question becomes more complicated.

Motherboards are the foundation of your PC. The more expensive the motherboard, the better they will perform overall with extra capacity for future upgrades– but you must consider how much power you need and not just the price tag that comes with it.

If you are building a computer to work on projects, create, or delve into heavier programs like video editing or 3D modeling or building an advanced workstation, then you should purchase a higher-quality board that will allow your computer to run smoothly, efficiently and for years to come due to extensive ports or capabilities.

But if you are building a custom computer for personal needs like browsing social media platforms or playing lower graphic games, spending more on an expensive motherboard may not be worth it because you only want the features that will optimize performance for what you need it for.

In fact, a low-end one will suffice for your personal computer’s needs most of the time. Therefore limiting yourself by unnecessary high-end specs won’t do anything but eat up extra money without giving any added benefit.

Features and Benefits of Expensive Motherboard:

The Motherboard is the backbone of your digital computer. It has many vital functions, including providing power to the other components, controlling how data is transferred between components, and providing a central connection point for all parts of your computer.

There are many different kinds of motherboards available on the market today. The most expensive motherboards are often built with higher quality materials and have more features than inexpensive boards. These features can range from expansion slots to types of memory support to monitor output options.

Expensive motherboards can be very useful for gamers because they provide extra space for expansion cards which means you can connect things like multiple graphics cards and sound cards to improve your gaming experience.

Expensive motherboards also often come with high-quality audio outputs that give you better sound quality when playing games or watching movies.

Some more benefits of expensive Motherboard are as follows.

Example of an Expensive Motherboard: Intel Z370 series motherboard for gaming will come in, with support for up to 16 cores, with overclocking options and more than enough room for additional hardware like graphics cards or storage drives.

Advance Features: As time goes on, new features are being added one after the other. We love what has been done to it now. Features like USB 3.1, a better CPU socket, and other features have now been added to the motherboard which makes it faster than ever before. Not only that, but now we can see two slots for graphics cards and four to eight ports to Upgrade RAM in a high-end motherboard for gaming computers today.

However, if you purchase an older model, you will not be able to use these fantastic features. Overall, if you want to take advantage of new features and play the most recent games, you’ll need to invest in an expensive motherboard.

Why is Motherboard much more expensive in an old PC than other old parts? Are old motherboards worth anything?

It’s not because the Motherboard is of better quality. Motherboards are expensive for a couple of reasons:

  • They’re one of the more complex pieces of hardware in a PC, which means they’re more expensive to manufacture and contain more parts than other old components
  • The Motherboard connects all the other components. If you need to replace your Motherboard, you’ll also need to replace all the other parts as well.

Are old motherboards worth anything? Old motherboards are not worth much in monetary value these days. This is because most new motherboards come with built-in features that the older ones don’t have. You can usually sell an old motherboard for $10 or less, depending on how well-kept it is and its age of course!

Cheap vs. Expensive Motherboard, How much difference do cheap motherboards make to expensive ones?

The price should not be your only consideration when you are looking for a motherboard. There are many other factors that you need to take into account. Cheap motherboards may cost less, but they also do not offer the same quality as expensive ones.

Expensive motherboards may be more out of reach than your budget allows, but they offer a host of benefits. While they may cost more, you can trust that expensive motherboards will give you enhanced performance and quality unmatched by their cheaper counterparts.

These boards come with more features, and can even allow you to fully configure gaming components such as the RAM, the GPU and your CPU . When creating a computer, the current trend is to use an RGB theme. As a result, if you choose a strong motherboard, you can build a stunning RGB PC.

As such, it’s absolutely worth investing in an expensive motherboard if you want enjoy playing games on your computer. Often, more expensive motherboards offer functions that you can’t see. Former engineers will pay special attention to these features on overclocking or focused boards, and the list of minor niceties is relatively vast.

In contrast, if you choose inexpensive models for either introductory or permanent purposes, you may not be able to leverage their capabilities fully because of restricted or absent features.

Cheap motherboards usually cost around $50-$100. Some model names of cheap motherboards are as follows:

  • ASRock B250M PRO4.
  • ASRock H110M-GL/B250M-GL

Expensive motherboards usually cost around $300-$1500. Some model names of expensive motherboards are as follows.

  • LGA 1151, 1150 & 1155 support DDR4 M.2 USB 3.1
  • ATX Intel Motherboard

Main Difference between Cheap and Expensive Motherboard:

The main difference between these two is the quality of the chipset, which is the component that dictates how well it will perform in various computing tasks. The more expensive motherboards come with better chipsets, but this doesn’t mean they are better peruse; they do things like memory and CPU operations better because such chipsets are capable of doing so.

Where should I spend the most money on when building a PC, Motherboard, or another part?

Different people will have different opinions on this, but according to experts, the one thing you should spend the most money on when building a PC is the Motherboard.

A good motherboard is usually expensive and provides crucial functionality for your computer. It is the Motherboard that connects all the various components of the computer, and it is what your CPU will be plugged into and where your RAM will reside. In short, the Motherboard is central to your PC’s performance and stability.

Why are mini itx motherboards so expensive?

Mini ITX motherboards are more expensive than regular full-sized boards fits in mini and micro cabinet types. This is because they are jam packed with tiny components which make up the larger circuit board in the usual ATX Space.

One reason for this higher price is that the materials required to manufacture mini ITX motherboards are, of course, more expensive. Furthermore, these materials also require more engineering to be created due to the small size too, which means there are further costs incurred at every level during development of min ITX motherboard models.

All of these factors have contributed to making mini ITX boards significantly more expensive than other types, so they must sell for a lot more money in order to balance out all of these expenses during production.

Why are intel motherboards more expensive than AMD?

Intel motherboards are more expensive than AMD motherboards because they provide a much better experience in terms of gaming as they have a higher frame rate, lower latency, and give you smoother gameplay compared with AMD, which gets users hooked.

The motherboard design tends to be more costly due to the use of premium materials such as glass-filled polymers The Intel chipset itself is also very complex and requires a specialized process, resulting in higher manufacturing costs to ensure reliability.

In fact, Intel processors give you better performance in somewhat expensive price range, while AMD processors give you better performance in somewhat inexpensive price range. This is why Intel motherboards are much pricier than any model produced by their competitor brand.

How much should you spend on a motherboard?

Choosing the correct Motherboard is not an easy task because there are many different varieties to choose from.

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a motherboard is the chipset type. You can choose between Intel and AMD, which both have their pros and cons. Intel chipsets are more expensive, whereas AMD chipsets are somewhat inexpensive.

Furthermore, the CPU socket type that your chosen CPU has, how much RAM you need for your computer, and what kind of graphics card you want to use.

A motherboard can be expensive, but it does not have to be. The price depends on what you need from your Motherboard and what you want to use it for in the future.

In most cases, if someone’s budget is limited, they will want a more affordable option. For example, if someone only needs a motherboard browsing the internet, writing, usual gaming, and word processing, they will probably not need a high-end motherboard and could get by with something cheaper. If you’re looking for a PC that can handle intense gaming or graphics work, then you may need to spend more money on a high-end motherboard to meet your needs.


Do expensive motherboards make a difference?

People tend to buy more expensive ones hoping that it will make their computers run faster. The truth is, they do make a difference in performance. The more expensive the Motherboard, the better its parts are and less susceptible to failure or damage. Higher-end motherboards may cost a little more than lower-priced ones, but they are worth it in the end.

Do motherboards have to be expensive for gaming?

Motherboards are the central component of any gaming system. With the processor’s computing power, they are responsible for connecting all the elements together and providing an interface for adding storage devices. So an expensive motherboard will give you an exceptional gaming experience.

Why are threadripper motherboards so expensive? Is a threadripper worth it?

Threadripper processors use the latest Zen architecture, and they can handle many cores and threads. However, this is not the only reason why the motherboards are expensive. For example, some Intel PCIe x16 slots are limited to 16x speed due to power requirements of PC, which means that multi-card configurations can’t exceed 16x speed.

When it comes to Threadrippers, on the other hand, they support 40x speed capable of up to 64GB/s compared to just 16 GB/s on 16x slots. Such high speed also means larger lanes for greater bandwidth and support across the board for far more than one video card if need be.

Should I spend more on CPU or Motherboard?

A computer needs both a CPU and Motherboard to function. A CPU is the “brain” of the computer, while a motherboard is its “heart.” The two pieces of hardware work together to control the flow of data between different parts of a personal computer. Both are essential parts of a functioning computer, so it’s always best to give both your motherboard and CPU equal importance when building your PC.


I tried my best to explain to you why expensive Motherboards are good enough? So, Let’s conclude this topic.

The more expensive a motherboard is, the better your entire experience will be. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t spend money on features you won’t need. This isn’t to say that low-cost motherboards aren’t acceptable. It means that you should select a motherboard that will enhance the performance of the rest of your system.

Cheap motherboards are often made with more affordable parts that could break down quicker or even never work correctly in the first place. Quality expensive motherboards are made with better features that will last longer and provide better stability for your system.

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