TRP Meaning, Fullform and its Calculation

In today’s world If you watch any type of show on the TV, then you must have heard about TRP (and often thinks about trp means?).

Often people say that the TRP of popular media shows is very high but the other shows or series have less TRP.

But very few people know what is the use of it and full form TRP and what trp means. If you also do not know about TRP’s meaning. So, today in this article you will get complete information about TRP from meaning to income of TV channels.

What TRP means and TRP Full Form?

TRP full form is Television Rating Point. TRP means an electronic device to analyze that which TV channel or particular show is being watched most at a particular period of time, Trp measuring device is also known as People Meter.

This TRP stores the records of how many people watching the particular show also, how many frequent times in a day.

TRP indicates people’s choice towards tv shows. It publishes the data with high TRP that the program is seen by a large number of viewers. This data is mainly useful for advertisers to invest in advertising during shows with high TRP.

How Total Rating Point is Calculated?

In India, there is an agency called INTAM (Indian Television Audience Measurement), which assigned to calculate the TRPs of TV channels. This branch examines various frequencies to find out which TV channels are most viewed at a particular period.

In the same way, by dealing with several thousand frequencies, this company estimates the TRP of famous serials from all over the country.

TRP Fullform and Meaning

People’s Meter(TRP measuring instrument) is installed at some houses in the cities to check the TRP of TV Serials and Channels. Through a specific frequency, it is known which serial or channel is being viewed the most and how many times the advertisement is being seen.

Every minute of television information is accessed by the People’s Meter (calculator) to the Monitoring Team (Indian Television Audience Measurement). After analyzing the information from the Monitoring Team People’s meter, it decides which channel or which serial has a more or less total rating point.

Rating is the percentage of the audience watching (program, ad unit, etc.) during the broadcast event at a given time, to the entire audience.

To calculate the rating of one advertising outlet, all contacts of TV viewers with a given commercial release are taken and correlated with the total number of potential TV viewers.

The rating is expressed as a percentage of the population, although the percent (%) sign is never used. GRP (Gross Rating Point) is the total rating of the advertising campaign, i.e. the sum of the ratings of all advertising returns.

Let’s take an example of people meter. If you are doing a job as a YouTuber or Blogger. So you guys are able to see the Analytics of your platforms like how many views have come on your video or post,

where it has been seen, how many views, how many impressions of ads are there, how many males and females have seen, age group or geolocation, viewed from which device? etc.

In this way, you are able to get information about all this. Similarly, People’s Meter also works and extracts complete information about any channel and their shows.

If you want to know which TV channel or tv show is most watching by the people, then you can take the help of TRP to analyze the popularity. Here 

How do Channels earn From TRP?

You guys should know that 80% income of any channels on the TV is earning from their advertisements. in today s time advertisements plays the main role as income for TV channels with high TRP.

The advertisements for various products and branding take place in the middle of the shows as a break of one to two minutes. To promote any of your products or services through advertisements you have required to pay a specific amount(mainly a high amount) of money to the respective channel or advertisers.

Thus most of the income earned by channels comes from such advertisements being shown to you.

There is a big connection of advertisers with TRP, the thing is that the channel which has more TRP, the more money charges from the advertisers to show your advertisements during the middle of the show i.e. break.

For example, you must have noticed that whenever there is a break in the show. The advertisements are shown at this time by the advertisement companies.

As you know these companies pay a lot of money to the channel owners for showing their advertisements in high rating point shows. The main purpose of showing advertisements by these companies is to make more and more awareness between the people. In this way, the TV channel earns a fine income.

For Calculating Television Rating Points, many of you are asked to set a set-top box with the attached trp device(people meter) to your home to analyze the TRP. With the development of the country now set-top boxes have been installed in most homes and thus, TRP information of the channel is also becoming accurate.

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How TRP effects Income

Due to the fluctuations TRP of any TV channel sometimes lower or some higher, it directly affects their income. When the TRP increases the income increases, Similarly when TRP decreases the income is also goes down.

Therefore the channel of the shows continuously focuses on increasing of their audience user engagement for watching TV.

Highest trp tweet

Recently In May 2020, Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan Television has break all the records of TRP in India

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