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Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro is a modern version of “IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 (IE3.0)” released 17 years ago known to all PC gamers in their late 20s and above. It seems that the specifications are like a modern gaming mouse. So, today’s article is on Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro review.

The IntelliMouse brand has shown the world that computer mice types can be both ergonomic and functional. An entire generation has grown up with IntelliMouse, inspiring mouse designs for years to come

Obviously, the specifications have improved contrasted with those days, yet the decisive difference is that “Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro is a item released as a wired mouse for gamers.

In addition to being restored to have the same performance as the current high-end sensor, it is said that it is focusing on the responsiveness of the switch, the comfort of pressing the side button, and the improvement of the feeling of the rubber part on the side.

Let’s dive into ‘Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro Review‘.

Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro Review

The Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro is a legitimate successor to the legendary mouse ” Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 ” released in 2002 and has improved specifications for the modern age.

Let’s take a look at the highlighting specifications of Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro review released by Microsoft:

Quick Specs:

  • Interface – Compliant with USB 2.0 full speed,
  • Sensor– PixArt PAW3389PRO-MS,
  • Buttons – 5 buttons (out of 3 is configurable) including left and right mouse clicks and a scroll wheel,
  • Scrolling – Vertical scrolling,
  • Shape – Ergonomic design suitable for holding over,
  • Tracking speed – Up to 400 inches (10 160 mm) per second,
  • Dpi Adjustable – from 100 to 16,000 in 50 increments from the software,
  • Polling rate supports 3 levels of 125/500 / 1000Hz,
  • Dimensions – 5.20 x 2.72 x 1.68 inches (132.00 x 69.00 x 43.00 mm),
  • Weight 0.31 lb (104g),
  • Cable – Braided cable
  • Compatibility – Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 S / 8.1 / 8/7,

1. Design and Look

The design and the appearance of the Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro is almost the same as the classic one. Also, I feel that the original IE3.0 has a smooth surface, but the Pro IntelliMouse has a smooth texture.

Design and Look of Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro Review

The mouse itself is quite large, so it’s very comfortable to hold. However, when you actually hold it in your hand, the fit is excellent. The entire palm can be placed firmly on the mouse, so if you have a “cover”, your wrist will not hit the desk.

The deep groove on the side is quite deep and the mouse allows the thumb to fit firmly. The grip is supported by the back of your fingers and palm, however, the Pro IntelliMouse is a large mouse that makes it easy to fit. The grip is not as strong as the cover, so the mouse may feel a little heavy.

Mouse fits firmly in palm.

The height was moderate, and it fits comfortably in my hand. In any case, I feel that it is intended for people whose hand size is about the size of an adult male. Likewise, with respect to the vibe, Classic was more slippery, but Pro is rough.

The bottom is exactly the same as the Classic, with small soles at the four corners. It slides well and has less resistance. The Microsoft logo (modern version) is imprinted on the back. Coincidentally, there are no buttons on the back. (there is no DPI change button)

Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro backside

The cable is changed with a cloth-wrapped type instead of a vinyl coating. The delicate cloth material-wrapped cable in line with modern trends. In spite of the fact that it is calm, it is also equipped with an LED light on the side bottom.

LED light on the side bottom

The weight of the cable itself isn’t too heavy, so you can operate the mouse comfortably. It weighs 131.5g (105g without cord), which is about average.

2. Mouse Sensor

The shape hasn’t changed from 17 years prior, but the optical sensor introduced inside the Pro IntelliMouse is Pixart PAW3389 Pro-MS, which is the latest specifications that have been strengthened to make it attractive.

You can adjust 200 to 16,000 DPI in 50 increments from the software, and you can also use the calibration function to optimize with the mouse pad from the software.

Note: I also tested accuracy of the sensor on the mouse pad “Corsair MM350”. As a result, the sensor is for the most part precise. No noticeable count jumps are seen.

It should be noted that due to the nature of the tool, the results may vary depending on the environment. The DPI is 400, 800, 1600, 3200 respectively and the polling rate is 1000Hz.

The result of measurement after calibration, the lift-off distance was around 0.8 mm. The numbers can differ broadly depending on the optical or laser mouse pad you use, but it’s a fairly short category.

The nostalgic shape remains the same, as well as the contents have been reborn as the latest gaming mouse for gaming PCs.

3. Side Buttons & Scroll Wheel

The overall button layout and click feeling can be described as a slight difference from the Classic IntelliMouse. Pro IntelliMouse has shallower left and right button strokes and a firmer click feeling.

It seems that the feeling around here is different because it uses buttons that are more responsive than before. The click sound is somewhat lower and more subdued on the Pro IntelliMouse.

The only change is that the surface of the side buttons is made of rubber and has fine cuts. It’s easy to push instantly. Specifically, the side buttons are textured in a line shape to prevent slipping, and at the same time, I felt it was easy to grasp the position of the buttons.

Side buttons review of Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro

The wheels are a little stiff, and there is a strong sense of resistance each time you turn them. The wheel click is soft and it is easy to hit repeatedly. There may be a notch around the wheel, so it is easy to track down the position of the wheel with your finger and push it in instantly.

4. Cable Quality

The cable is a braid of general thickness, and the cable length is 1.83 m. The highly durable cable, it isn’t just as stiff as other braided cables.

I actually feel the annoyance peculiar to a wired gaming mouse. Since the weight of the cable is transmitted during operation, it is recommended to use it along with cable management products such as mouse bungee.

5. Software

Pro IntelliMouse is compatible with the dedicated utility “Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center” software. The setting items are DPI adjustment from 200 to 16,000 (in 50 increments), 125/500/1000Hz polling rate switching, calibration, key assignment to side button, and tail light (LED) customization.

Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro software settings

After reviewing the Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro software, I find out that it is impossible to create multiple setting presets according to the purpose, and if you want to change the DPI, you have to change the slider one by one. Of course, there are no additional gaming macros.

To be honest: I think that the usability of software and buttons is a higher priority than the shape of the mouse body. Moreover, you may have guessed this at the time of Microsoft.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro


  • Ergonomic and sleek,
  • Highly customizable,
  • Textured side buttons for better grip,
  • Smooth action on virtually any surface,
  • Braided cable for high flexibility,
  • RGB lighting.


  • No wireless connection,
  • Little expensive gaming mice with no many macro buttons.

Should you buy the Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro?

Pro IntelliMouse is everything I need from a mouse. It’s smooth, ergonomic, feels great, and has a ton of features. It’s also reasonably priced at $ 60, with high-quality construction and recycled materials that could serve you for years.

Honestly, the only real reason I can think of not buying this mouse is if you want more customizable buttons. Comparatively, inexpensive gaming mice often have extra controls, for example quick access to DPI settings for situational aiming.

If you feel like you don’t need the extra buttons and simply prefer IntelliMouse’s look over some of its more “gamer-minded” competitors, this is a worthy successor to the IntelliMouse legacy.

Should you buy the Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro

It’s a mouse for gamers who actually used IE3.0 and whose shape is unforgettable (or wants to be nostalgic). However, regardless of whether you realize that it is a nostalgic commercial law, it is the magical power of IE3.0 that you buy.

What is the Major Cons of Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro?

The materials are great and feel incredible, the mouse is ergonomic and powerful, and the software is easy to use. But there is just very little to complain about with this mouse.

The Razer DeathAdder Elite has seven programmable buttons, while the Razer Lancehead has eight, with comparable prices and DPI ranges.

The only downside of IntelliMouse Pro is that in this price range, Razer has many alternatives that have more customizable buttons, which can be an incentive for gaming. The Pro IntelliMouse only has three customizable buttons which may not be valuable for gamers who prefer more options out of their mouse.

Is Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro best for gaming?

Is Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro best for gaming

The sensor of Pro IntelliMouse is equivalent to a gaming mouse, however, it doesn’t have a function for individuals who are specific about “winning”. In that sense, you should think of it as a “luxury mouse that can also be used for games” rather than a pure gaming mouse.

It may be a little unsatisfactory for core gamers, but isn’t this enough for intermediate class? That is an honest impression. The performance of the sensor is sufficient. Also, the idea of ​​a higher-grade mouse that is usually used at work and used when you want to enjoy games as a hobby may be an ant.

After reviewing the Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro I can recommended this mouse for those who do not use it for professional gaming and just want to use a high-precision mouse.

FAQs related Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro

Do Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro fits perfectly in small hands?

The Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro is an ergonomic shape optimized for holding a mouse and is characterized by being recessed along with the shape of the hand holding the mouse. However, It’s a fairly large category, so it’s likely that it won’t fit for those with small hands.

Can I use Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro on a Mac?

There is no Mac compatible with “Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse”. Since there is no driver for Mac, it is impossible to customize the button, but when you actually connect it, you can adjust it with the items in the mouse settings of macOS and it will work. Unfortunately, the side button doesn’t work.

Is Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro good for FPS games?

The games I actually played with Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro are CS: GO and Apex Legends, but neither of them behaved strangely and I was able to play them without any discomfort.

Is Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro good more slippery?

I didn’t feel a big difference, but the speed of sliding was a little faster with Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse. Also, I don’t think you will feel that much difference during the actual operation.


Pro IntelliMouse doesn’t revolutionize the brand but introduces a host of modern enhancements and features that make it worthy of the IntelliMouse heritage.

“Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse” retains the magnificent shape of IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 but has enough performance to compete with current gaming mice. The sensor behavior, short lift-off distance, etc. are all adjusted appropriately.

I think that it is a very excellent mouse for those who have been using the IE3.0 clone mouse since the end of production of IE3.0 and those who have a cover or a grip, so why not pick it up? Is it?

After using it for a week, I truly wanted it. It’s comfortable to hold and customizable, so if you use it for everyday use, you can fully consider purchasing the previous generation “Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse”, which is cheaper.

If you aim at FPS or TPS games, the cost will be somewhat higher, yet I believe that you can play the game all the more comfortably if you select “Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse” that can move the mouse pointer accurately.

Bottom line: The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse review concludes that the mouse refines and enhances the first modern IntelliMouse, making it one of the best mice you can get even for gaming.

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