Is a Gaming PC Worth It? Does It Worth For Spending Money?

Hello dear readers, in this post I will analyze the question, Is a Gaming PC Worth It?. The question itself contains “gaming”. So the PC will be purchased for gamers. You will either simply play for your own pleasure, or also record the HD gameplay and upload videos on YouTube and other streaming.

The PC is my favorite gaming platform. I like it better than other choices because it offers advantages not found somewhere else and I’m not talking about better graphics, more detailed with an obscene frame-per-second count.

I like the most to play on PC because there is huge number of arrangements.

I additionally like it because it is an incredible multiplayer platform where I met great friendships with whom I have shared frags, accomplishments in games, even following many years. In short, the PC is the place where I grew up and where I have had the best experiences of gaming.

Is a Gaming PC Worth It?

It’s a well-known fact that the PC is a superior platform, beyond the supposed best graphics at over 1080p or considerably more than that and excessive amounts of frames per second. The purpose of this article is to list the distinctive highlights that make this platform a superior choice over the rest.

The PC is a platform for individuals who are not satisfied with consuming without measure and are searching for the maximum possible performance in addition to other features.

Assembling a gaming PC is the ideal choice to make the most of the investment, adjust the units to our requirements, and achieve a Gaming PC that is not totally obsolete with new technological advances.

In this article, I want to share with you the 7 reasons why I believe it’s still worth playing on PC, which can be the best option. Be up tp end, Let’s get started.

1. RAM vs ROM

On a regular PC, the speed with which the data enters and leaves the RAM memory may not be so significant, since conventional programs do not require better performance to give acceptable results.

But when it comes to high-speed gaming, faster RAM can significantly affect the gaming experience. Additionally, PC Gamer requires the RAM module to have a heat sink or even some level of overclocking

The most modern type of RAM is DDR4, which replaces DDR3. It works at a higher frequency – from 2400 MHz and higher. Modern Intel processors support frequencies up to 2666 MHz, and AMD processors up to 3200 MHz. Therefore, the ideal frequency, if you are not going to overclock your computer, is 3200 MHz.

The more RAM you have, the better for gaming builds. Higher RAM speed is always desirable, as it makes worth for performance anti lagging features.

RAM and ROM Gaming Requirements for Different Games ⬇

RAM and ROM games requirement for gaming PC

The recommended amount of RAM for the best performance in gaming is between 16 GB to 32GB. If the budget is tight, then you can take 8 GB (and increase later on), however, this will be lacking in many modern games, which will lead to freezes in games.

But if you want to play Fall guys or Minecraft then 4GB RAM is not bad.

What about ROMs?. There are of two kinds HDD and SSD. Gamers always prefer SSD because it is worth it and much faster. Another advantage of solid-state drives (SSD) is that they consume less electricity, generate less noise, have greater durability, and have lower residual heat dissipation.

I also recommend you to go with SSD drive. However, the cost for them is a bit high, yet the advantages are extremely noteworthy. The operating system, games, files, programs, loads instantly on the solid-state drive.

The minimum recommended size for a gaming computer is up to 256 GB, which is sufficient for the OS, programs, and several large games.

2. Dedicated Gaming Performance

The graphics card and processor are dedicated to performance whether is offline or online gaming. Quite often, an ordinary computer is assembled on the basis of an integrated video card, but such a PC won’t work for higher end games. In fact, there are recommendations for the choice of these components.

The processor is the most significant part when picking a gaming PC. It processes computational tasks, content creation. Processor performance differs from the number of cores, threads, and architecture.

The thread is a characteristic that affects the speed of calculations in the game. The more threads there are, the quicker the processing will be. And the architecture improves with each generation, so you need to buy a gaming PC with the most recent processor.

It is important to choose a processor for a gaming computer based on the number of cores. Choosing between a 10-core processor and a 7-core CPU with a higher frequency, it is smarter to give preference to the first option.

Which is worth for Gaming pc AMD vs Intel

The video card takes over the significant share of processing tasks of gaming computers. I know you are aware of FPS (Frame Rate Speed). The fact is that the more the high fps, the smoother the gameplay will be and you will see more detail. The minimum recommendation for happy with gaming is 60 FPS.

In addition, to have more enhanced gaming performance, you need to have a monitor with a refresh rate of 120, 144, 165 Hz, or more. Using such monitors, video cards able to produce 200 FPS for more smoothness of the gaming.

In addition to high computing capabilities, this quality of video adapters has an effective cooling system, provides the possibility of safe overlocking, the ability to occur with the monitor frequency, This is a great solution for individuals who decide to start streaming, recording their progress and process video.

There are many varieties of games. It is very very rare that a brand does not release its game on the PC platform. You can always update it by changing the internal parts, you will not need to buy a new one ever again.

3. Dealing with Tower and Cable Management

Cable management is worth for gaming desktop, so you should know the importance of PC case for cable management.

So, while choosing a PC case you have to begin from the form factor of the motherboard and see if the dimensions of the associated tower, there would be a lower location of the power supply unit and enough space for a video card are sufficient to house the rest of the accessories.

The design and size of the tower also play a very important role while choosing a tower. It should be subject to the technical needs of the build like facilitate the passage of air currents driven by the Cabinet and CPU fans, etc. In fact, there are many worthful deign of PC towers by the RGB lightings with fans.

The main function of PC Case/towers is to serve as a protective structure for the rest of the internal components where they will be assembled and thereafter protecting them from external influences

And yes, the cooling system is one of the main components of any PC case. There should be enough space inside for air circulation, as well as for large radiators, that actually a powerful PC needs.

DIY Cabe Management for Your Gaming PC ⬇

Note: We already have a dedicated article on types of PC Case Full, Mid, Small and SFF, HTPC with Images.

Also, Connecting all the devices with computers is relatively easy. Hide all the excess cables behind some furniture and forget about it, too. But when it comes to moving a computer or changing a cable’s direction, what seems simple in our heads can turn into hell.

That’s why having efficient cable management will help you from the stress of cable hassle.

First, it helps reduce potential heat build-ups and centers of interference that could affect the proper function of a device. And secondly, it allows you to quickly identify and dismantle any cables that we need to remove or replace.

Also, if you use a wireless mouse and keyboard and other units but still you need to assemble the cable wires to avoid future hassle and continuing your gaming.

4. Ergonomic and Mechanical Comfortable

Whether it is convenient for a gamer to play, its depends largely on his reaction to what is happening in the game and the degree of fatigue. In order to increase comfort and reduce player fatigue, special gaming mice and keyboards have been created.

There are certain types, such as an ergonomic and mechanical mouse, ergonomic and mechanical keyboard, separate gamepads, modular keyboards, and so on. Of course, typing from the gaming keyboard will be very inconvenient, but it makes it too easier for a gamer while playing games.

The ergonomic mouse and keyboards provide comfort in hands and wrists more than compensates for the effort made. And mechanical a durable keyboard increases speed and efficiency than our usual average by having to make less effort to type the same text.

They generally have a special incline a little higher than usual and a curvature of the keys that makes it easier to press with less effort. This option is usually attached to wrist supports so that they rest and do not stay up all the time.

Well here is the image of an ergonomic keyboard and mouse  that reduces strains especially made for typists and who often gest pain on hand while typing

Ergonomic Keyboard

The keyboard and mouse are the main weaponry units of PC gamers, and in today’s market, there are a large number of devices designed to meet all various needs of the gamer whether it is ordinary or extraordinary.

Keyboards now come in different colors (RGB Backlit) and even have customizable keys, not to mention the switches that spice up the typing experience yeah! I am talking about mechanical gaming keyboards and Laser mouse.

More and more manufacturers release improved and different versions of their products, with capabilities beyond the imagination, but always looking for a stable and amazing gaming experience

Such types of mouses and keyboards are ideal for professional Esport Gamers. The design of the mechanical keyboard not only will reduce the strain on the hands but also makes feels your smoothness.

Such kinds of keyboard and mouse are worth for gaming PC and much more accurate to play any game, don’t you believe me? Ask the Fortnite players. In addition, the durability and reliably will serve you for many years.

which keyboard is worth for a gamer

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The PC has versatile accessories from mouse to monitor and keyboard to speaker. MUCH MORE variety of computer parts.

5. Cooling Management

Cooling management is a very common unit for both a regular and a gaming computer. In regular equipment, the built-in cooling system can be more than enough to maintain component temperature and system performance, even when it stays on for long hours.

High-powered CPUs and GPUs produce a lot of heat, especially when overclocked. Keeping those components cool during long hours of play prevents stuttering, lag, and other heat-related performance issues.

The larger the fans are in size, the fewer revolutions they make and the less noise. As well as the reserve in the cooling system will allow you to overclock or update your computer without replacing it.

Also, this will help your other components not burn out and will increase the life of your gaming pc, ram, and CPU. The standard cooling system consists of several coolers, but for the use of computer equipment by an avid gamer, such cooling will not be enough.

The regular cooling system is limited, they are not always enough for quick heat dissipation while playing the game. The powerful gaming computer should equip with a best liquid cooling system.

Therefore the PC Tower is selected according to its appearance and ventilation system. The better management of the cooling system enhances the gaming experience. The better the airflow, the less the fans are loaded and noisy.

How to build a cooling fans system for Gaming PC

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6. More expensive… but cheaper in the long run

Another point to keep in mind is that the initial outlay is higher i.e start investing. However in the long run it can be much cheaper. Well, on a Gaming PC you can play compressed video games more easily and the prices per game are much cheaper.

In addition to buying a next-generation console set, today they are expensive, but also a superior one may soon come out. You can continue playing, but you will have a lower version. And not to mention the online and paid downloadable content.

On the other hand, on a Gaming PC, you can have it as long as you can. While it is true that to play the latest games on the market you need powerful components. But once you buy them they can last up to 5 years and then you can always extend them. In addition, online on a computer is usually free, with some cross-platform exceptions

When you play on PC you are not tied to a manufacturer. In fact, you can buy your equipment with components from any other brands without there being compatibility effects. Today there are hardware parts manufacturers competing for the trust of gamers by offering better units at the best price.

With time and experience, you will prefer some brand(your favorite brands) and avoid others, but the most important thing is that you are not tied to one, and you don’t need to concern about the long term.

7. Gaming Pc is More Customizable

Manufacturers such as Razer have realized that controls on PC are necessary, so they are currently designing attractive versions with features to meet different needs. For its part, Microsoft will soon launch a wireless adapter to use the Xbox One controller on PC.

In addition, there are specialized tools to improve PC performance through a wireless controller. However, if you decide to do so, you have to know that there is a wide range of wireless devices and accessories to make your experience on the couch more pleasant.

Now that you know the reasons that create worth for PC Gaming. now let’s compare the gaming PC with a normal desktop.

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Is a Gaming PC Worth It ~ Normal vs Gaming PC

Note: I am comparing the Gaming PC with Benefits and Drawbacks over Normal Desktop.

Benefits Drawbacks
✅- They have specialized technologies for gaming (Greater ease, connection, response speed) ❌- They are more costly than conventional computers, in spite of the fact that this is because of their parts, which are better.
✅- They have thousands of accessories such as RGB gamer lights, or better-cooling systems to prevent it from getting hot. ❌- They are computers born to stand out, they do not have a very office design or aesthetic. If you are looking for something more ordinary with a traditional pc, it comes to you.
✅ – You can use mechanical and ergonomic keyboards and mouse with RGB backlit for the long term, which enhances your gaming especially at night/dark. ❌ – The use of mechanical and RGB keyboards is expensive but they are always there to give efficiency and smoothness.
✅- They are more adaptable and powerful. You can use them both in graphic design, communication, and play or work and they will not lose fluency. ❌- Some of them wear out faster, especially in the components since they are normally subjected to more activity and use than traditional PCs
✅ – The LED display of monitor from 21 inches to maximum size with multiple monitors around, make feel you realistic while playing the game. ❌ – The large size monitors can weaken the eyes so it becomes necessary to take care of vision and periodic rest for the eyes.
✅- It can be assembled by pieces, which is much cheaper than buying it directly (Except in the case of some models of course). ❌- Technology advances, and if you want to play the latest titles you will have to renew their pieces so that they can support them, which is an extra cost.

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Is a Gaming PC Worth It – The answer is a big YES

Without a doubt a gaming computer. It is more than proven both economically and fluidly that a PC gamer is much better. Why? Well, that’s an excellent question, let’s see your multiple answers.

When choosing a gaming computer, you need to ask yourself questions:

✔ For what purposes do I take it? What games am I planning to play?

✔What budget can I lay down for its purchase?

✔What special accessories do I need to enhance my gaming table?

✔What screen resolution will be suitable for me?

✔ What amount of RAM and ROM do I need for my favorite games?

For instance. If you’re going to play undemanding games like Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, or Fortnite, you don’t need a powerful computer, even at the highest settings. But new games like Cyberpunk 2077, GTA 5, or Call of Duty Modern Warfare will need a powerful build.

Final words :

I know that you go the answer to “Is a Gaming PC Worth It“. The above all worthiness and reasons I provided you, but at last, my dear friend the final decision lies in your friend. Identify your needs and budget to build your specific gaming PC. That will definitely create worth for you.

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