Image Search Technology – A Revolution in E-Commerce Sector.

What happens when you want to search for an image online? You can search for tons of textual data, but is it possible to search for graphic images as well? Yes, fortunately, we have image search engines that have changed the way we search pictures today.

Humans are very visual beings. In fact, 90% of the information our brain receives is visual, and our eyes can receive 36,000 visual data per hour. We are so visible that we process visual information 60,000 times faster than textual information.

I think most of you have noticed that the e-commerce and retail industry has changed dramatically in recent years, and young shoppers are demanding a more intelligent shopping experience where the journey from product discovery to departure keeps it as short as possible.

Let’s better understand image recognition and what are the impacts on e-commerce and advantages for Internet users?

Image Search Technology For E-Commerce Users

Image Search Technology – A Revolution in E-Commerce Sector

We are talking about a new innovative tool that will become the future of e-commerce. Visual search is one of the latest advances that is making a mark on e-commerce. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so it is not for nothing that people become more and more visual.

The statistics are harsh: 70% of users leave an online store if they can’t find the product they want in a minute. How can online retailers survive and stay competitive? One of the possible solutions is Image Search Tools.

Do You Know: For 74% of consumers, traditional text-based keyword searches are inefficient in helping to find the right products online.

This Image search technology makes the buyer’s life more effortless, makes surfing the site much more accessible. Instead of text, there are now pictures, and e-commerce stores have many new opportunities that will allow staying afloat and making good money.

Before the use of computers was had basic characteristics like for shopping the keywords, but now with the advanced the one clicked photo is enough to find out you desired product.

What Are Image Search Tools?

What Are Image Search Tools

These are tools that search images against the given search terms, keywords, or even pictures. The results are in the form of pictures. The technology of these programs combines data from websites and provides the best search results via deep learning.

Image recognition is possible thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), which identifies, classifies, and distinguishes images.

The results will be shown in a thumbnail of the original image, and when you click that, the picture becomes larger. You can further dig into the details about the image by clicking on the link that will take you to the original website.

These tools allow you to use relevant keywords in your images, which in turn helps the newer websites achieve search positions faster than through regular searches. It has further helped bring a boom in the e-commerce world.

According to a recent study, 72% of US Internet users always search for visual content before making a purchase.

The technology is so advanced that it works in real-time. From the moment you open the application and point the camera somewhere, it already identifies the person or object even before the search is carried out.

From there, there are many opportunities, such as recognizing the species of a plant, identifying names of foods, animals, works of art, tourist spots, and even finding PC peripherals from mouse, keyboards, monitors to storage devices and designed PC cabinets.

These are increasingly strong trends in electronic commerce since users are getting used to this type of search when searching on the internet or even in the smartphone system itself, ensuring that this will be a demand every time higher up.

More Organic Visibility for E-Commerce Stores with Search Image Tools

More Organic Visibility for E-Commerce Stores with Search Image Tools

Since images on a website are also searched by users, it is always a good idea to properly optimize them as it can bring more visibility and traffic from the search engine.

Visual search not only provides a better customer experience; drives real business results. With features like “shop the look”, companies have increased their average order size by 20%. Because the gap between “seeing” and “buying” has narrowed, it is easier for consumers to buy what they see on the Internet.

Even if you see in Google, images are integrated into Google search. You will always find an image position on top of the search results. It is easier to gain top ranking on search results in some cases than ranking in the equivalent textual keyword.

When your website’s images are ranked higher in search results, you gain free visibility on the wanted keywords, helping you achieve instant organic traffic to your website.

Take an example of a newly launched online store. Since e-commerce has become highly competitive, you will find thousands and often millions of competitors worldwide in the same niche.

Optimizing your website with the target keywords will get you traffic but will take its due time. However, if you also optimize your product images, the chances of growing organically and quickly are higher.

High-quality images on your website have become an integral part of the e-commerce world. By actively and smartly utilizing this opportunity in marketing, you make your website or business discoverable through proper pictures.

According to the Report’s Global Visual Search Market Size report, the value of the visual search market will exceed $ 14 billion by 2023

This is why it is crucial to use relevant images to maximize your visibility. Especially in the e-commerce world, images are a high priority in marketing strategy.

Benefits of Reverse Image Search for E-commerce Businesses:

By using a reverse search image tool, you will discover many benefits that come with it. Let’s see what benefits it has to offer.

1. Improves Branding

By using reverse image search technology, you can explore the styles of competing sites. By knowing what pictures they are using, you can build a more definite and unique brand. If your images are similar to what others are using, it will become hard to stand out against the competition.

Therefore, you should always use reverse search image tools to find out how other websites use the same image and what changes you need to make in your marketing campaign.

2. Attract the interest of the potential audience

Users are attracted to search through images, which is why this option is widely trusted, this is how the Internet is important. For example, Pinterest’s visual search function managed to attract more than 130 million monthly searches in just 6 months since its launch.

3. Copyrights and Backlinks with Reverse Search Image Tools

By using these tools, you can also find out if other websites are using your pictures. When your image is found on other web pages, you have the opportunity to ask the website owner for a link to you. Also, you can ask the publisher to remove your image since they have used it without your consent.

And it works vice versa. While researching for an appropriate image for your marketing campaign, it is best to use a quick reverse image search to identify the source of the said image. By doing so, you can ask for permission for the use.

4. Cross Selling

Another benefit of visual search is that it can be a great cross-selling tool. If a website does not have the desired product in stock, it may display similar or related items that could still lead to a purchase. Plus, it can also help consumers imagine how other products could complement it.

For example, someone might be looking for a red dress, but if they see a picture of a woman wearing a red dress and black high-heeled shoes, they may be willing to buy more than expected.

Other major advantages for your e-commerce:

  • It is a competitive differential,
  • Speeds up the purchase decision,
  • Makes the consumer’s journey more enjoyable,
  • Engages customers through social media,
  • Elevate the shopping experience of your online store,
  • Increase the conversion rate.

Benefits of Reverse Image Search for Consumers:

Searching for products through image recognition brings numerous benefits to the consumer. Some of them are:

Major advantages of Reverse Image Technology for Users:

  • More practicality,
  • Faster,
  • It is only a matter of seconds to upload an image and check if the product is available, rather than browsing through different sections and hoping to find the right product.
  • Greater assertiveness,
  • The best shopping experience,
  • It reduces the number of steps the user would have to perform, such as typing a keyword or scrolling through the results. Instead, in this case, the user simply uploads the image and gets the desired product right away.

It is much easier to find what you are looking for. And a better shopping experience is undoubtedly the most significant benefit of image recognition, as it makes the shopping journey that much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Best Search Image Tools in The Market

We have discussed in detail how these incredible tools can benefit an e-commerce business. Now let’s explore the different options we have.

1. SearchEngineReports

REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH is an efficient and powerful tool that helps you source images and find where they appear on the web. This single tool retrieves data from six popular search engines, Google, Yandex, Bing, TinEye, Sogou, and Baidu.


2. Picsearch


Picsearch has a huge collection of three billion images and makes it the best search image tool. The tool sources images from a wide range of websites. You can search all sorts of pictures, from lifestyle to abstract art images.

3. Google lens

Google lens

One of the more recent endeavors in visual search is Google Lens. This visual search tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the images you take and provide you with information relevant to those images.

For example, take a photo of a restaurant. Google Lens can not only identify the restaurant but also give you the hours and link to a menu.

4. Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Lens

Pinterest also has a visual search app called Lens. According to Pinterest. With the Pinterest lens, users take a photo. Lens isolates the individual elements in the image and allows users to search for related objects. Also, it enables users to take pictures on their smartphones and see the pins that look like objects in these photos.

5. Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Creative Commons has the most extensive collection of images that is hard to find anywhere else. The website has a very easy-to-use interface and gives you the option to search for images that you can ‘use commercially’ or ‘modify or adapt.’

Final Words

The search technologies and visual recommendations are now ready to start being extended in real applications massively. On the other hand, it is becoming more and more important to maximize the shopping experience in e-Commerce, especially in environments like mobile phones, digital computers, etc.

It seems increasingly important to us to value the introduction of search technologies and product recommendations based on visual aspects, allowing e-Commerce to increase their sales and win over their customers’ thanks to a shopping experience without the same.

Technologies can have various disadvantages, however, the information above will help you to understand the significance of image search technology and the benefits you can enjoy in e-commerce by using search image technology.

I hope you found this “Image Search Technology – A Revolution in E-Commerce” article interesting and valuable! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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