How to use Invideo, an online video editor for creating social media videos.

The majority of us spend a significant amount of time each day viewing videos on social media networks. When content producers record a video, they must edit it. If the video is edited and polished, it will entertain your viewers even more.

However, video editing software is often prohibitively expensive. You can use online video creators such as InVideo to take on this battle! Each social media video should begin with a unique opening that will help capture and captivate your viewers.

We devote hours to producing content for our social videos but with little effort to visuals and graphics. Some of us may lack expertise in the creation of animation or graphics. This is why the majority of content producers look for an effective online video generator that can do the task quickly.

According to studies, when a video begins with a lengthy introduction, the majority of viewers exit without watching the entire clip. This results in the page or channel losing a potential audience.

Make sure to create an engaging and creative opening to grab your audience’s attention and get them eager to watch the entire clip. Having an engaging introduction also assists your viewers in recognizing your content from a distance.

We will cover this brilliant video creator and how to utilize it in this post. InVideo is a simple-to-use online browser-based video editing application. It can be used as a computer application in businesses for promotion purposes. This software does not need the user to learn complex functionalities.

Here is everything that goes into creating an appealing social media video using InVideo.

Steps to Create Social Media Video Using InVideo.

How to use Invideo, an online video editor for creating social media videos

1. Choose a new template

A template serves as a great base for your social media video, enabling you to add your own unique elements. Individuals that often create innovative films that are beyond their comfort zone frequently use templates.

InVideo offers a range of social media templates. Take a look at these and choose a design that is most suited for your social media clip.

The template’s color, text, and images may all be customized to the user’s preference. Examine all key points and choose a template; the remainder is customizable.

2. Altering the background-color

Each template has its unique backdrop. Individuals should first alter their backdrop to something that matches their profile and content. If your social page is about travel; create a travel-centric social video for your page.

On the right side of the tool, users will be able to see a backdrop panel choice and numerous built-in settings are available. You may select from them or use the search bar to look for more settings. There is an option to add a personalized image or video from your device.

When utilizing the tool, changing the logo is immensely simple. On the left-hand side of the browser, there is an option labeled as ‘upload image’. Simply click the icon and choose your device’s logo.

Then, in the pop-up box, crop the picture and when you’re finished uploading the logo, click on preview full video to see it in its entirety. This enables you to see the modifications you’ve made to the video.

It comes with a variety of layouts and a text area on the left side and you may alter the text fonts by typing in the placeholder’s box.

Additionally, those who do not currently have a logo may use the tool to design one. In just a few clicks, you can easily design a channel logo and incorporate it into your social media videos.

4. Utilize audio clips

You might have come across audio snippets while watching social media videos and it is critical that your video’s audio captures your audience’s attention. The unique collection of a large number of stock audio clips makes InVideo perhaps the best free online video editor.

There is an Add Audio button on the right side. To begin exploring the different audio files, click that icon. On the left, users may filter by genre to expedite their search. Select audio that corresponds to your social media page and clicks select to add it to your video.

5. Make a selection for further scenes.

The aforementioned choices will give the user sufficient information to create a social media video. However, the service allows users to add a variety of additional scenes to their movies. The Add Slide button is located at the bottom of the page.

When you click the button, a new page will appear with a selection of animations to include in your movie. Please choose one and begin customizing it over here. Once you’ve downloaded the whole movie, both sides will be included.

6. Save the whole video to your computer

After you’ve completed all of the procedures and created your social media video, it’s time to download it and upload it to your social media account. There will be a ‘download’ option above the preview.

To download the video to any for your computer storage devices, click this icon and once InVideo has rendered the video in the background, the user will get an email indicating that the video has been rendered successfully.

You may save the clip to your computer or share it on your social media channels.


Utilizing a YouTube template is just the start. The video editing tool enables users to choose from a number of templates and modify them according to their preferences by changing the text, color, animation, slide, and logo.

Always preview modifications to ensure they are to your taste. Do remember that a strong introduction is critical since it is the first step toward enticing your viewers to remain for the duration of the film.

This ends our article on the “online video editor for creating social media videos.” Share this insightful article on social networks as well.

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