Best Hyperx Mouse Among the Series [Top 5 Choice].

Gamers are often willing to invest in a top-quality gaming mouse that offers excellent gliding and high responsiveness. The Hyperx gaming mouse series does not offer just that, but a lot more as well. Here in this post, I will introduce the top 5 Best Hyperx Gaming Mice among the series.

The mouse is one of the important input devices of a computer, and it becomes vital to choose the mouse that suits the needs and computer system. Wondering what else do these HyperX gaming mice types have to offer?

Top 5 Hyperx Gaming Mouse

The list below is for the gamers who are willing to invest in a top-quality mouse that offers excellent glide and high responsiveness on your gaming mouse pad either soft or hard ones. Let’s get to know the top HyperX gaming mice.

If you are in hurry and need a quick answer? Well, the top position is HyperX Pulsefire Surge.

1. HyperX Pulsefire Surge

HyperX Pulsefire Surge

Need a super comfortable gaming mouse? This HyperX Surge gaming Mouse has to be your choice for max comfort. The HyperX mouse offers wired connectivity and has a standard size.

The major advantage of using this Surge gaming Mouse is the click latency which is pretty high. However, the responsiveness is not the best for people looking for a quick and highly responsive gaming Mouse for fast-paced games.

Shape and size

The overall length of the mouse is 4.8 inches, and the height is 1.6 inches, whereas the width of the mouse is 2.5 inches. Also, the grip width is 60 mm. Wondering what the weight of this gaming Mouse is? Well, the maximum weight is 136g combined with the wire.

Sensor Precision and tracking

The sensor technology used in this Surge gaming Mouse is optical LED, whereas the sensor model is PixArt PMW3389. However, it does not work on glass which can be a major drawback for a few Gamers. The minimum DPI is 200, whereas the maximum is 16000 DPI.

Not to forget about the polling rate, which is 1000 Hz, and the lift off difference is also 1.2 mm. You will also notice two buttons that are towards the left side of the mouse with another DPI button for switching. This button is present right behind the scroll wheel.

The side grip of the mouse has rubber grips making it a lot better for you to grip whether you have small or big hands. The palm grip provided makes it easier for most gamers to rigorously use the mouse.

RGB lighting

HyperX Pulsefire Surge comes with 32 two unique lighting zones including blue, green, and red light on the mouse, and the good thing is that the user can customize and adjust the lighting of the mouse using the software. Remapping of the keys and the Macro settings can also be done with NGENUITY software.

However, there is no battery available since it is a wired gaming Mouse.


There is a total of 6 buttons available on this gaming Mouse. Moreover, these buttons are mechanical, with two buttons available on the side. The Programmable input buttons are 6 in total. The profile switching button is not available, but the DPI switching button is available.

The scroll wheel has 24 steps, and the type of the scroll wheel is notched. However, there is no tilt or thumbwheel option available.

Pros and Cons of Pulsefire Surge


  • Beautiful RGB lighting,
  • DPI adjustment option with the increment of 50
  • High sensor tracking accuracy
  • Excellent Palm grip and rugged construction
  • Liftoff difference is low


  • The cable wire provided for connection isn’t very flexible,
  • Lefties won’t be able to use side shortcut buttons easily.
best hyperx gaming mouse

2. HyperX Pulsefire Haste

Next, I have HyperX Pulsefire Haste which is another excellent gaming Mouse that you can check if you are in search of a highly responsive mouse for video games. It is one of those outstanding quality, lightweight, and incredibly built gaming Mouse that is comfortable to use and suitable for any video game.

The gliding experience on any mouse pad sizes it provides is amazing, along with the click latency that is also incredible.

Hyperx Pulsefire Haste

Shape and size

This gaming Mouse has a total length of 4.8 inches with a height of 1.6 inches. The grip width is 62 mm, and the total width of the mouse is 2.6 inches. The weight of this HyperX mouse along with the wire is 84 grams; however, the weight optimization choices are not available.

Sensor Precision and tracking

The optical LED sensor technology is used in HyperX Pulsefire Haste with the maximum DPI of 6000 and the minimum DPI of 200. The Adjustment steps for DPI are 100, and the DPI variation is -4 percent.

You must also consider the lift-off difference of 1.2 mm minimum, and the maximum polling rate for this gaming Mouse is 1000 hertz. There are four options of polling rates available that you can choose from. There are 125 to 1000 Hz polling rate options available.

RGB lighting

This gaming Mouse offers the option of customizable lighting on the mouse and the scroll wheel. It has a honeycomb design along with the Matte finish in black color. Overall it provides an excellent grip to the user, and it is comfortable to use for or both left-handed and right-handed people.

The palm grip that it provides is perfect for small, medium, and large hands. Since this one is also a wired gaming mouse, it does not require any battery is, and there are no battery indicators either.

Total number of buttons

There is a total of 6 buttons available and two buttons on the side of the mouse. The Programmable input buttons are six and the profiles switch button is not available. However, you can find the DPI switching button right behind the scroll wheel. Gamers can also reprogram the scroll wheel, which has a total of 24 steps.

Pros and Cons of HyperX Pulsefire Haste


  • Best gaming mice for either entry-level or pro,
  • Ultra lightweight,
  • Excellent grip,
  • Stylish Black Matte Finish,
  • Well-suited for most hand sizes with any grip type,
  • Fairly low latency for clicks,
  • Up to 16,000 DPI,
  • Affordably priced.


  • Limited Programmable inputs,
  • Limited flexibility of the wire,
  • Little RGB lighting.
best hyperx gaming mouse

3. HyperX pulsefire Core

Need a budget-friendly gaming mouse? The HyperX pulsefire Core can be the best choice as it is super high quality and has a robust construction. With the suitable grip for all hand sizes and the wide range of DPI, this one is a good option to consider. However, it might not be the most lightweight option.

Hyperx Pulsefire Core

Shape and size

The HyperX Core is a wired gaming mouse with a total length of 4.7 inches. The height is 1.6 inches, and the grip width is 60 mm. This one has a total volume of 19.10 inches cube.

The total weight of this gaming Mouse is 122g, along with the wire. Moreover, the HyperX Core also has an excellent Palm grip which fits well for small and medium hands.

Sensor Precision and tracking

HyperX pulsefire Core uses Optical LED sensor technology and has a maximum DPI of 6200 with the DPI adjustment steps of 100. The DPI variation is minus 7%, along with the polling rate of 1000 Hz. The lift off difference is also 2.4 mm, which is comparatively greater than the other gaming Mouse options.


The button activation process is mechanical, with a total of 7 buttons. You will find 2 buttons on the side of the gaming mouse with 7 Programmable input options. The DPI switching button is available. However, one thing that most people do not like is the click sound that is super loud.

Not forget about the scroll wheel, which offers 24 steps, and it also has RGB on and off feature available. Profile configuration is also possible with the software, and the reprogramming and remapping of the buttons are also possible with the help of NGENUITY software.

Remember it does not require batteries, since it is wired, and the total length of the cable is 5.9 ft., whereas, the braided cable type of this gaming mouse connects with the USB port of your laptop.

RGB lighting

The RGB lighting is available with the scroll wheel, and the lighting can also be adjusted with the help of the software. It is comfortable to use and offers an amazing grip. The looks of this gaming mouse are even better because of the matte finish. However, the responsiveness might not be great for fast-paced video games.

Pros and Cons of HyperX pulsefire Core


  • Great sensor performance,
  • Excellent build quality,
  • Highly compatible with Windows and Mac Operating System,
  • Excellent grip for all hand sizes,
  • Easy customizations lighting and remapping of buttons,
  • Relatively light and flexible cable.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Heavy,
  • High click latency.
best hyperx gaming mouse

4. HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro

Another budget-friendly and highly responsive gaming Mouse from Hyperx is HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro – a wired gaming mouse. With the low latency and the massive range of DPI, it is a great option to consider. Moreover, this one has the increment option of 50 for the DPI.

Remapping of the pattern is also possible, and customization using the software NGENUITYcan also be done.

HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro

Shape and size

The total length of the mouse is 5 inches, and the height is 1.6 inches. The grip width is 66 mm making it perfect for even the extra-large hands to grip properly. The total weight of the mouse is 131g, along with the wire.

The overall built provides excellent grip and makes it ergonomic. Keep in mind that this gaming Mouse does not come with Bluetooth or receiver features. There is no on and off activation option either. Moreover, the cable comes with is 5.9 feet long with the braided style, which connects with the USB port.

Sensor Precision and tracking

This HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro also has the optical LED sensor but not the laser sensor technology like all the other three gaming Mouse discussed above. However, this one has a maximum DPI of 16000, and the minimum is 200. The variation is 4%, along with the polling rate of 1000Hz. Also, keep in mind that the lift off difference is 2.4 mm. Also, remember that the click latency is 11 ms.

RGB lighting

With the customization and the remapping option available, the RGB lighting can be customized as well. The scroll wheel of a car is 24 steps, and there is no thumbwheel. Keep in mind that the scroll wheel is the notched wheel type.


The activation option for the buttons is mechanical, along with a total of six buttons. There are 6 Programmable input options, and two side buttons are available. The DPI switch button is available like all the other options discussed before, and there is no profile switching button option.

Pros and Cons of HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro


  • Comfortable shape and excellent built,
  • Fantastic textured grips on sides,
  • Click latency is low,
  • Great performance,
  • It fits well in almost all hand sizes,
  • Liftoff are minimum.


  • The cable is not very flexible.
  • Comparatively heavier than the other gaming mouse.
best hyperx gaming mouse

5. HyperX pulsefire Dart

The last one on the list is HyperX pulse fire Dart, another one of the perfect quality gaming Mouse from the HyperX series. The shape and the size are similar to all the other models from the series. But in the terms of responsiveness and grip, this one performs great. It is a wireless gaming Mouse providing you with the perfect gaming experience you need.

HyperX pulsefire Dart

Shape and size

The length of the HyperX pulsefire Dart is 4.9 inches, and the height is 1.7 inches. The grip width is 63 mm. Also, the maximum weight of this HyperX mouse is 153 grams.


This one comes with RGB lighting that is easily customizable with the help of the software. One major difference that sets this gaming mouse miles apart from all the others in this series is that it has a rechargeable battery, and you can use it when you are charging the battery.

There is a receiver available, but there is neither a Bluetooth option nor a battery indicator. There is an on-off switch also available, which you can use when using the mouse.

Sensor Precision and tracking

When talking about the sensor Precision and tracking, this one is a beast. The optical LED sensor technology and the ergonomic design make the glide smooth and function highly responsive.

This one has the maximum DPI of 16000 and minimum DPI of this gaming Mouse 200. The variation is – 7%, and the Adjustment steps are 50 DPI. The polling rate is 1000 Hz, and the lift-off difference is 2.4 mm, which is comparatively higher than a few others on the list.


HyperX pulsefire Dart comes with a mechanical button activation feature and has 6 buttons which means 6 Programmable input options. It also has the switching button feature for DPI but does not have a profile switching button option

Pros and Cons of HyperX pulsefire Dart


  • Comfortable design with leatherette grips,
  • Click latency is great,
  • It fits well in almost all hand sizes,
  • Great in terms of responsiveness,
  • The RGB lighting is customizable,
  • Remapping of buttons is possible,
  • Can be used in wired mode.


  • Heavy compared to the other gaming Mouse,
  • Only two programmable side buttons.

best hyperx gaming mouse

Now that you have checked the 5 best HyperX gaming Mouse options, you can finally decide which one works best for you. If you are looking for a lightweight gaming Mouse, you must go for HyperX pulsefire Haste gaming Mouse.

But if you are looking for a highly responsive gaming Mouse option, you can try HyperX pulsefire Dart.

With this ends our article on 5 best HyperX gaming Mouse, ideally, it has helped you pick your new gaming mouse. Remember that you can share it on social networks so that it can help more users who need it.

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