Are gaming laptops worth it

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?, Is It Really Good to Buy?

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?, One of the most often asked queries by the Gamers. Just 2-3 years ago, Gamers unanimously said, Why to pay more money for a laptop when we have an option of a desktop computer with better and powerful performance.

PC games like GTA 5, Fortnite, PUBG, Dota 2, etc, have since quite a while ago brought huge masses of individual and community Gamers into their networks. Now the Esport/Gaming industry is far from last.

But while installing such games there is a need for system requirements, such as improved graphics, impressive special effects appear, video, and sound card. All this requires a large supply of laptop or PC resources.

Again, the question arises, is gaming laptop worth it, or should I take a powerful desktop computer?

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

Well, with the technological progress in laptops has now always implied a high level of performance, the use of modern components, a competent design of the cooling system leads to a decrease in heat generation.

Previously, you can still remember the difficulties of the damaging power, issues with heat removal, and the normal design of laptops. There have been many technological changes in recent years. Some of the innovations have made gaming laptops more suited for gaming.

However, the cost of top-end models is still expensive and inaccessible to the average gamer. All advanced features lead to an increase in the cost of gaming laptops. In fact, a gaming laptop has units inside it, of almost or a desktop level installed.

This approach has a number of advantages and disadvantages, in this situation you have to be the most careful and balanced point of view to the choice of a suitable model and configuration.

Are Gaming Laptops worth it?, is it really good, should to Buy? in 2020, to understand this, let’s take a look at the article.

Things to Know Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

The main purpose of laptops is to become a significant functional replacement for desktop PCs. It should be noted that manufacturers succeed in this task. Everything that desktop features allow to do, laptops also know-how, to one degree or another.

Let’s get to know the reasons and factors that creates worth for Gaming Laptop.

1. Performance

Most of the best performance laptops still have large processors and noisy ventilation for a larger form factor. There are exceptions, with a slightly higher cost, but they are very thin and light. Modern Gaming laptops are the same size as ordinary ones, weight about 2 to 2.5 kg.

Performance requirements are increasing every year for many games whether it is playing online or offline.

A personal computer allows you to replace some of the components, like installation of, a more powerful video card, sound card, SDD, or install additional RAM and ROM but somehow a little bit in laptops in comparison with PC.

RAM is concentrated in games, and 6GB is what we suggest as a minimum even for normal productivity tasks like MS Office. But for gaming, If you can, look for a 16GB laptop if you don’t consider upgrading in the near future.

Memory can be upgraded in many gaming laptops, as long as you probably know how to utilize a screwdriver.

Hard drive or SSD? Why not both? Some inexpensive gaming laptops will come with only a hard drive (generally 1TB), but most gaming laptops also incorporate a small SSD that serves as a boot drive.

It is extraordinary to see a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HDD working together. Like memory, storage can often be upgraded. So on the off chance that you need more space, you can include a 2TB hard drive later.

Laptop Gaming Performance

2. How much portable are they?

Portability is the main feature and identification of laptops, has large development in their level. The components used in both desktops and laptops are similar in names like processors, video cards, hard drives, however, they are completely different in terms of hardware.

The most significant advantage of portability is that, regardless of any time and place, you can just sit down and start the game. Whether it’s a long travel trip or a boring wait it creates ease, the main thing is to remember to charge and find a power supply.

A gaming laptop is so convenient for people to repeatedly change their place of living or residence. The desktop computer in this case will make the process of transferring the components and accessories difficult. Therefore, many average Gamers come to the conclusion to buy a gaming laptop.

Playing games in the case of a laptop, you will have a need to in search for a place to recharge outside the home, which can be a significant problem, for the battery recharge, even in the normal scenario, it will last for a maximum of four hours.

3. Is there is an option of Customizable?

Yes, it is true that the laptop keyboard is somehow customizable with an LED mechanical laptop keyboard. The keyboard is a fundamental part of every laptop, you will appreciate a good backlit keyboard if you are one of those who spends long hours while typing or playing games in dark.

An RGB backlit lighting system is included that affects, allows you to customize the color and lighting patterns of keys. But if you play games consistently with high brightness battery will drain as well as you need to reduce the keyboard backlight to get good battery life.

However, the laptop does not allow component replacement activity in some cases. It is very difficult to replace parts of it. Therefore, over time, you will have to sell the device and buy a new one, and this requires significant costs compared to the first option.

In addition, not everyone prefers the keyboard and separate mouse for gaming laptops. Despite the fact that these components are planned in view of gamers, the closeness to the screen does not suit many.

However, Professional Esport Gamers always prefer a mechanical computer keyboard due to the responsive, with wireless freedom and faster keystrokes are more precise.

Laptop Customizable

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4. Power for Gaming

In technical terms, laptops are practically not inferior to PCs for gaming. An example is a laptop with an NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card, which by all criteria is not far from the desktop version.

Modern games are very demanding on the performance of the video card, as well as the speed of its memory. Thus, it is the video card that becomes the most significant and responsible component. Although, of course, the rest of the “filling” should be appropriate.

Central processor: Depending on your plan, you can go for a very powerful Core i7 or even one that you can overclock, similar to the Intel Core i9-8950HK. Be that as it may, most games advantage more from a decent GPU than a CPU, so you can definitely survive on a Core i5 processor.

Certainly don’t consider an 8th Gen Intel anything older (model numbers starts with 8). CPUs are commonly not upgradeable, so you need to consider it quite well, since as long as you have the same laptop, you will have the same CPU.

5. What about Screen Display and Sound?

All that graphic power is useless if the screen of the laptop is not of quality. Most gaming laptops have 15- or 17-inch screens, despite the fact that there are some huge systems that have 18-inch panels and a small bunch of 14-inch panels.

Manufacturers cannot increase this figure, as otherwise, the laptop will be inconvenient for traveling and transferring. However, powerful parts require a lot of space, and a small screen makes the gameplay less comfortable.

Therefore, the weight of a gaming laptop often surpasses 3-4 kg, and the display size is 17-18 inches. On the other hand, a gaming PC, you can buy a screen that suits your need and budget. The game will be more enjoyable significantly on a large display.

As the display appears to be little. The use of external components (screen, keyboard, mouse) negates the plus in the form of versatility. The size you want is a matter of personal preference, but remember that the bigger the screen, the bigger and heavier the laptop will be.

Sound is another more important part of the gamers’ experience and that section is also taken care of in gaming laptops. However, there are often laptops that have a poor quality of sound except for some very expensive ones.

In addition, there is very little space for additional speakers on laptops, basically, everything is occupied in a single PC case. The presence of outer speakers in desktop computers allows you to enjoy high-quality gameplay sounds. Yes, you can also connect outer speakers to a laptop, but the meaning of portability is again lost.

Display, power ans sound of gaming laptop

6. Are They Too Expensive

Is Gaming Laptops Worth It in investing? It should be said right away that to invest gaming laptop in the full sense, you have to look at models with an expensive price tag. Only such laptops can run modern games in high quality with a fine performance.

For a screen with Full HD resolution, you have to take a model within any event an Nvidia GTX 1060 video card. This will cost a penny. Prior to getting, it is smarter to consider how regularly you will play in a hurry: in transport, vehicle, and so on.? Many Gamers prefer a home environment.

In the event that you play at home only, you can assemble a considerably more powerful desktop computer. To perform simple calculations, you can still buy a budget laptop. This kit costs about the same as a good PC.

This will assist you with moving games from your PC even to your cell phone or modest PC. In the event that you love and travel a ton or need to visit a friend for the night to play together, a laptop is a decent choice.

The cost of laptops is essentially higher than desktop computers. On average, it has a ratio of 1: 2. For some, it’s worth it, but in essence, the most helpful option for spending time playing games is a permanent place of residence, where nobody bothers, you sit comfortably in a seat and enjoy the process.

7. Heating and Battery Life

Gaming laptops tend to get hotter in general. Developers are improving cooling systems for gaming laptops with sufficient power, however, dust and dirt degrade their capabilities. Therefore, it is recommended to deal with the cooler and clean it periodically.

To lessen the heat, the developers cut the processor clock speed. Sometimes they cut the video card very hard, by around 30-50%. To avoid this heating, the owners have to buy additional fans to cool the device. but again the meaning of portability is lost.

There is no other way, otherwise, the laptop will not be able to cope with heat excess.

Thus, the performance of the GPU can fall by just about half in comparison with the Desktop. The primary thing is to consistently check what the clock speed is on the video card and processor. In fact, technically identical equipment can have huge performance variations.

In some cases, if you play games battery will drain fast because of GPU. So, sometimes you need to keep brightness at a low level, and reducing the keyboard backlight to get good battery life.

It is additionally worth understanding that large laptops for gaming make quite an amount of noise, perhaps they are even louder than system units. This is due to the fact that the cooling system needs to work under increased burdens to displace heat. This problem is typical for almost all models.

As you know, the battery life in laptops is limited for playing games. Therefore, it becomes hard to accomplish many things on a laptop due to limitations in size and battery limits.

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Worth of Gaming Laptop

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?, Based on the above-mentioned factors for Gaming Laptop, we can conclude that laptops are not bound to outperform the capabilities of gaming PCs. A desktop PC will consistently beat a laptop in the category of gaming set up.

In any situation related to an increase in power consumption and or even in heating, the issue can be solved by expanding the intensity of the PSU and improving the cooler. But does this mean that purchasing a gaming laptop is not worth it?.

Truth be told, laptops have only become very popular in three decades due to a convenient and portable type of computer.

Not every person needs the charm of 4K 3D graphics. Numerous people will find it useless to slightly increase FPS in their preferred game, but they will appreciate the increase in battery life with a blast.

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Laptop technology is gradually expanding. If you watch the advancement in gaming laptops over the previous years, it’s really noticeable. Today the cost and power in laptops have improved a lot compared to a few years ago.

While the desktop PC is still dominating among most gamers, here and there you need something somewhat more compact. A gaming laptop is a gaming machine on the go, giving you all the power in a size you can take with you.

For games, the best arrangement would be a regular gaming desktop, which is easy to assemble. But if you need both mobility and performance (not just for gaming), at that point there is no better decision for a gaming laptop.

In fact, buying a gaming laptop is worth it. Laptops for gamers are designed for comfortable and fine performance gaming, and simple to move around. It is worth buying a gaming laptop only when mobility plays a significant role.

Desktop options are more preferable and ideal for those who value the quality of the graphics more than the capacity to move the PC from place to place. For such people, the desktop will be a decent purchase.

Are gaming laptops worth it? The choice is in your hands with your needs.

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