Hi there, Kiran Kumar, from Team Digitalworld839,

We the Digitalworld839.com is here to share knowledge of computers and technology and to help readers to make increase their knowledge of Internet, Computer and Technology. All the content of the blog is free for everyone. That means you don’t have to pay me any penny to read the informative articles.

Most of the contents shared on Digitalworld839.com are based on the learning, experiences and research. We believe in sharing the content with honesty, integrity and best of the reader’s interest.

However, We make some money from affiliate programs. We have affiliated with many products and services owners. We promote their products/services on the blog. We only promote those products/services that we have used, related to computer components and software. Some of them haven’t used but investigated.

So, there are some affiliate links on Digitalworld839.com. If you click on those links and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission at no extra cost to you, in fact the some product links will give you some discount. We don’t take anything (like free products, services, cash, etc.) for mentioning them on Digitalworld839.com.

We have never participated in promoting any products to get money. Still, if there is any affiliate or sponsored posts in the future, then readers will be notified for the self-decision purpose.

Here I can assure my reader that we will only refer or endorse those products or services as sponsored posts for which we believe that we already have knowledge on that product.

But we still urge our readers to verify that service from the actual manufacturer or service providers, as the owner of Digitalworld839.com and editorial team can only guide on what is appropriate and best. But, the ultimate decision should be yours and only yours.

If you have any questions regarding this Disclosure or any policy mentions on-site, then feel free to contact us.

– Team Digitalworld839

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