Difference Between 24 vs 27 inch Monitor for Gaming?

Want to buy a gaming monitor, but wondering whether to pick between a 24 vs 27 inch monitor? And couldn’t recognize the difference between 24 and 27 monitor inches. If you are confused by such questions, calm down. I am here to help you figure it out.

Selecting the correct monitor size is very important. If you don’t choose the size that suits your purpose, you will regret it as I did in the past. When I chose the monitor for the first time, I was confused while choosing the size, and after all, I bought 24 inches at first and then 27 inches later.

So I’m using 24-inch and 27-inch monitors, and I’d like to introduce the purpose and benefits of each size of the type of monitor. In this way, the question is whether to use the 24-inch or 27-inch monitor, which everyone is confused about when choosing a monitor.

This time, while answering this question, I will compare the monitor sizes, pros, and cons and present the chart of the difference between 24 vs. 27 monitors. So, you can understand the perfect size selection of between 24 vs 27 monitors for gaming.

24 vs 27 inch Monitor

Do you know? both these 24 “and 27” inches monitor are the best-selling gaming monitors for Digital Computer in this modern times. This is because each manufacturer is focusing on developing a size that is easy for individuals to use at home. Also, many people use it as a Personal Computer, so it’s still a practical size.

Therefore, the choice between 24-inch and 27-inch will be a big choice for your future gaming life.

4 Points to Compare 24 and 27 Inches Monitor

24 vs 27 Monitor inches for gaming

1. Dimensions of 24 and 27 inch Monitors:

Many people don’t know it, but 24 inches and 27 inches are not simply the size of the monitor itself, but only the size of the LCD panel.

Inches that represent the size are indispensable when considering the monitor size. You might think it’s vertical and horizontal, but this inch is the display’s diagonal length.

First of all, I would like you to see the comparison by photos. If you put 24 inches and 27 inches side by side (27 inches on the left and 24 inches on the right), you will get a feeling of size like this.

24 inch vs 27 inch monitor

If you put them side by side, the diagonal difference is about 7.5 cm, and you may not feel the difference, but if you actually put the 27-inch in front of you, you will feel that it is quite large.

Size comparison of 24 and 27 inch monitor

How many centimeters in an inch?
One inch is 2.54 cm. At monitor size, this inch is the diagonal length of the screen. As the monitor size increases by one inch, it feels like it grows diagonally 2.54 cm.

Is it easier to understand if you draw it in a diagram rather than in a photo? I also thought, so I made it.

Dimension comparison of both the 24 inches vs. 27 inches monitor

Also, see the comparison table of an overall length of both the 24 inches vs. 27 inches monitor below:





24 Inches Monitor

60.96 cm

53.1 cm wide

29.9 cm long

24 Inches Monitor

68.58 cm

59.8 cm wide

33.6 cm long

Dimensional Difference in cm

7.62 cm

6.7 cm

3.7 cm

Dimensional Difference in %




2. Distance to easy-to-read monitor of 24 and 27 inch Monitors:

Another thing you should understand is the distance from your eyes to the monitor.

Depending on the size of your monitor, there is a suitable distance to your monitor. If you think about it for a moment, don’t you think that if you put a 32-inch monitor on your computer desk, it’s too big to operate your computer?

Even in games, the best distance is to have a comfortable view of the entire monitor based on my experience using 22-inch to 32-inch monitors as follows:

Monitor Size

Distance to Easy-to-Read Monitor

24 Inches

50cm ~ 60cm

27 Inches

60cm ~70cm

29 Inches

70cm ~ 80cm

32 Inches

80cm ~ 90cm

3. Full HD Image Quality Comparison of 24 and 24 inch Monitors:

It is said that 24-inch + full HD is the most mainstream, but is the pixel roughness noticeable in 27-inch full HD? If you compare the images from 24-inch + full HD with 27-inch + full HD. Here it is(24 inches on the left and 27 inches on the right):

Image quality of 24 vs 27 inches monitor

If you look closely, the left side seems to be a little rough, but there is only a difference that you can understand when you get so close.

If the size difference is large, such as comparing the 24 inches and 32 inches, the difference in image quality will be noticeable, but if you compare 24 inches and 27 inches, you don’t have to worry too much.

Also, I’m using a 4K 24-inch and 27-inch monitor, but I could hardly feel the difference in picture quality when I tried flipping the screen and zooming in on the screen. For the 27-inch size, a high-quality monitor such as WQHD or 4K with full HD resolution or higher is ideal.

Want to know more about the pixels of the monitor you can check the post of a dead and stuck pixel in monitors with practical solutions since it is one of the most 9 common signs of monitor failure that shouldn’t ignore.

4. Easy to Install Between 24 and 27 inch Monitors:

The compact 24-inch is more advantageous for ease of installation. The 27-inch is wider, so it needs some depth to get into view. In addition, the stunts become slightly larger according to the size, which may occupy the space on the desk.

Based on these, I would like to experience a desk with a depth of about 60 cm for 24 inches and a depth of about 70 cm for 27 inches.

Whether or not a 27-inch can install depends on the size of the desk, so it is not easy to install. If the depth is not enough, you can give up and make it 24 inches, float it in the air with a monitor arm, or install a keyboard slider.

Difference Between 24 and 27 Inches Monitor


24 Inches Monitor

27 Inches Monitor

1. Diagonal Length in cm

60.96 cm

68.58 cm

2. Horizontal Length in cm

53.1 cm Wide

59.8 cm Wide

3. Vertical Length in cm

29.9 cm Long

33.6 Long

4. Distance to Easy-to-Read Monitor

50cm ~ 60cm

60cm ~70cm

5. Installation

The compact 24-inch is more favorable for ease of installation.

The 27-inch is wider, so it needs some depth to get into view, which may occupy the space on the desk.

6. Advantages

The main benefit of 24 inch monitor is its compact size, which is able to set up almost all the desk as well as its reasonable price.

Since its monitor size is bigger than 24 inches, it is able to provide more of the field of view with a higher resolution which definitely increases the gaming experience.

7. Disadvantages

The screen is little smaller and and has less field of view than the 27 inches monitor.

The little bigger size of 27 inches monitor becomes difficult to grasp the entire screen with the same sense of distance.

Now that you know the difference between 24-inch and 27-inch monitor sizes, which one is best for you?

24 inches Monitor is Recommended for?

24 inches is recommended for those who have a small room or who specialize in FPS games. A world where momentary movements are fatal in FPS, such as Apex Legends and Fort Knight, where many competitions are held in e-sports. Even if an enemy appears from the edge of the screen, you cannot win unless you react instantly.

Even though you don’t leave the distance to the monitor that much, you can check from end to end with a small amount of swinging, so it is easy to check the enemy search and HUD. It’s compact and light, so it’s easy to use.

Surprisingly, professional gamers are very particular about the size of their monitors. Because it’s so important that it determines the outcome. In fact, for the FPS, the optimal size is a 24-inch gaming monitor that gives you a comfortable view of the entire screen.

Recommended For:

  • People who love FPS,
  • want to win in FPS,
  • People who have a small space to put a monitor,
  • Installation space is limited,
  • For those who do not feel the size difference between 24 inches and 27 inches,
  • Low price, good energy saving.

27 inches Monitor is Recommended for?

At 27 inches, it gets a little bigger, so it’s a little difficult to grasp the entire screen with the same sense of distance. In the case of Full HD, the image quality will be a little rough, but it will get used to itself, and since the enemy looks big, I think it is better for those who are easier to play.

At normal viewing distance and 1440p resolution, it will provide the best gaming experience. While 24 / 1080p is good, 27 / 1440p is much better because it takes up more of the field of view and has a higher resolution.

If you can run games at native resolutions on that display, you probably won’t need to zoom in too much, and you shouldn’t have any problems with the user interface and system navigation.

Since the 27-inch makes the most of its power, RGB, which sells high-resolution graphics, is the best choice. If it is 27 inches, a gaming monitor with a resolution of 4K is also an option. 27 inches is recommended for those who want to enjoy beautiful depictions.

Recommended For:

  • Those who want to enjoy high resolution such as 4K,
  • People who want power in the game,
  • Those who have enough space to put the monitor,
  • A size that is as large as possible is good.

FAQs Related 24 vs 27inch Monitor:

What Monitor Size is Used in Esports?

The size of the official model used in most of the esport tournaments such as FPS competitions and fighting games is 24 inches. The advantage of the 24-inch size is that you can concentrate on the screen. I have used various sizes, but I feel that 24 inches is the easiest to see.

Can I use both 24 and 27 inches as a Dual Monitor?

If you currently have a 24-inch monitor and want to buy an additional 27-inch to make it a dual monitor. In this case, 24-inch and 27-inch will coexist, so you will always think that “27-inch has a slightly rougher image quality. In fact, It’s not very comfortable to use dual monitors with different inches.

Why it is important to choose correct size of monitor?

If your monitor is too small, you will tend to lean forward and have a bad posture. Also, if it is too large, it will take a long distance, so things around the monitor will come into view. That’s why it is important to select the correct size that suits your need and allows you to concentrate the most with comfort.

Can I play games on 32 inches Monitor?

The 32-inch screen is quite large, so it’s recommended for people who want to play games in 4K instead of full HD or who mainly write blogs, edit videos, or watch movies. The screen size becomes extremely large, so it is important how far you can keep it. It’s huge, and it’s really heavy.

Is Ultra Wide Monitors good for FPS?

Many modern FPS games do not support a horizontal field of view wider than 90 degrees. This is fine for a 16: 9 monitor, but it can stretch or distort the image on an ultra-wide monitor. If you’re playing competitively or prefer FPS, you probably don’t want to use the ultra-wide display.


By comparing the 24-inch and 27-inch monitors by size and comparing the detailed specifications, you can see the advantages and disadvantages of each. In terms of size, it’s important to choose what you’re mainly using as you picked other computer components and whether you can keep the distance between your monitor and yourself.

However, I think that each usage style is different, so it is recommended that you carefully consider the size that suits you when purchasing. Also, before buying a high-resolution display, make sure you have a powerful enough system like PSUs and Processor to play games at the perfect resolution.

As mentioned above, I hope it will be helpful when you buy a monitor. Must the article “Difference Between 24 vs 27 inch Monitor for Gaming?” on Social networks.

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